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    +1 from me as well.

    I work with conveyor systems, and while the Enscape renderings, panoramas, and walk-thrus have been a HUGE hit, there has been such a big demand to see boxes moving on the the conveyor. For so long I've looked for a real-time renderer like Enscape and I'm so excited to finally have something like it. Being able to move boxes or totes on a system would make it a complete dream-come-true software for me.

    In the interim, my company is using Demo3D for this visualization. Demo3D is a wonderful software, but visually, it does not hold a candle to Enscape.

    Hi Akonius, thanks for your post. Can you help me to locate the SU2019 Enscape plugins folder? Whre should this be? Thanks in advance!

    All your SketchUp plugins are located here:

    C:\Users\xxxx\AppData\Roaming\SketchUp\SketchUp 2019\Plugins

    Copy the whole folder and overwrite the same folder in SketchUp 2020. When you fire up SketchUp 2020, you'll have all your plugins loaded. You will likely also get an error that says Enscape won't load and you need a new program, but even after downloading the new program, this error occurs. But you still can run Enscape as normal.

    At least, that's how it used to work for me. But now that I got a new laptop, I'm out in the cold with no Enscape. :(

    Well, now I'm setting up a new laptop and having the problem. I downloaded SU2020, I copied the Plugin folder from my SU2019 file on my old computer and overwrote the SU2020 folder and fired up SU2020. All my plugins came over like before and I still get the "Could not load Enscape" error shown two posts above. On my old computer I always got the same error, but after clicking "No" (I don't want to install) on this error, I still had a functioning version of Enscape. Not this time. Enscape truly doesn't load for me, so I guess I'm in the same boat as everyone else, waiting on Enscape 2.7.1.

    I tried downloading SU2019 to compensate, but I can't get the SketchUp licensing worked out. Guess I'll use the old computer until this gets worked out.

    I can confirm that it does indeed work. I followed your steps and copied over the SU2019 Enscape plugin files to the SU2020 folder and it started up fine. Haven't had an issue to this point. Using the latest version of Enscape 2.7, which BTW, has great new features we're enjoying using!

    I did the same thing. It's working great so far, even the VR portion. Have not tried the orthographic views or other newer features yet, though.

    I would also like to see a feature like this. It would be fantastic to walk a client through a model and for him/her to be able to look in all directions while doing so. I can see this having a huge impact in my line of work (conveyor system design).