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    Here is the thing, I am using Sketchup/Layout exclusively more and more for my workflow.

    We use Enscape CONSTANTLY in our firm.

    I use 3D models to represent my fixtures with corresponding 2D symbol equivalents for use in reflected ceiling plans / power plans / etc. on separate layers inside of the 3D model to visually control how they show up in Layout.

    I keep Enscape open to walk through the model and place fixtures and can see both the symbol and model simultaneously in the Sketchup viewport.

    I do not want to see the 2D symbols in Enscape while I am placing the 3D models in the Sketchup viewport, but I do want to see the 2D symbol in the Sketchup viewport.

    I do not want to keep flicking layers on and off to control object visibility in the Enscape viewport.

    While I am able to accomplish this using a "clear" material with 100 transparency, 100 roughness and 0 specularity applied to the 2D symbols, I would rather simply be able to right-click the 2D symbol component and from a contextual menu be able to select "Enscape > Do Not Render (✔/✖)." That way I can focus on design, rather than constantly fiddling with layers.

    If this is already a feature, please point me to how to use it, otherwise I believe there could be a lot of benefits with many applications for a "Do Not Render" flag in the Enscape workflow across the board.

    Thanks. :thumbsup: