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    The key word here is: Shift. You don't want to look up or down (it will make the image a 3 point perspective) and certainly not move the camera up or down.

    I suggest watching the (short) Blender demo for the function:

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    or Google Tilt-shift camera, I didn't make it up :)

    Hi, I use a Dell XPS 9700 with 17" screen. It works really well with Archicad and Enscape, I use it for 3ds Max/Vray too.

    The only downside is that the colors of the screen are not very well calibrated (to say the least), however I have an external screen attached most of the time.

    I am looking into Enscape and am surprised there's no shift camera. In architecture photography and rendering it's essential to have straight perspective lines, as well as showing the top of a building. (shown in the Blender example below)