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    Any updates on this issue, im having same issue. RPCs from Avail/Archvision not showing up in Enscape render scenes. I get an asset error and that x quanity of assets may not appear in the render.......... Yes, i have latest enscape, and logged into Avail/Archvision, and yes i do not have replace archvision content with enscape content.....



    Oh my Lord!!! I figured it out......

    As another mentioned prior, the window for the asset browser was on another monitor but far off the screen. I noticed a tiny sliver of a window at the bottom edge trying to hide, i was able to drag it up and boom.... it was the asset browser.

    Thanks to all for your patience and trying to help me out.

    I do often switch the monitors from desktop to laptop etc.. and that must be how the window became hidden on both my laptop and desktop....

    Ok, well, time to close out that item and back to work!!!!!!!!

    Thanks All!!




    Here is what Alt Tab shows for the Enscape asset library; it has a blank black window, but it wont appear if i click on it. This happens on both computers, so im thinking its not a specific computer issue, its an Enscape bug issue.

    The asset library is not appearing with Revit today, it was fine yesterday.....

    In the ribbon along the bottom of the screen, the Enscape Asset Library is showing there, but there is nothing on the screen today.

    I do not like using the Asset Library in the Enscape Render window, so this is disappointing.

    Any suggestions to what may have happened in the past 24hours? Was fine yesterday, gone today.....

    Revit 2023 and Latest Enscape is installed today, uninstalled and reinstalled just to be sure....



    The HDRI skies that i like to use are from HDRI Haven. They have great lighting characteristics. However it is very tough to find one that has the lighting you want and the same scale of the scenery to the building model. For example the trees of the HRDI image could appear 200 ft tall when i have a 5 story building in the scene and the maple trees are towering over my 5 story building, that is what i mean by out of scale / proportion. If there was an enscape adjustment to scale the hdri to the model that would be amazing.

    Seems very reasonable to do in my opinion.

    If perhaps the HDRI types that i am using are not appropriate for use with Enscape, then let me know (maybe that is my problem). Perhaps someone can suggest another source for HDRI skies for use with Enscape.



    Seems logical if there would be a slide bar adjustment setting for the skybox scaling. I spend more time on my sky background than anything else with enscape unfortunately. It's the only laking item that bugs me and make renderings look less than presentable.


    Curious to know if there is a scaling variable setting for skybox hdri images. It seems to be a struggle to incorporate skyboxes into building render models at the right proportion.

    Any help is appreciated.




    I found it.

    Follow up question; will this preview version overwrite the version that works with Revit 2021?

    I don't need revit 2022 that bad just yet if the formal version of enscape that works confidently with 2022 is coming out shortly.

    Thanks Demian,

    Yes, my Windows and GPU drivers are up to date.

    My Revit has the hotfixes installed and i am using the latest Enscape as well.

    Enscape did just email me with a reply, and they mentioned there is a bug within Enscape that they hope to have fixed in the near future.

    In the meantime they suggested using scope box in revit to reduce the elements being factored into the render, which did work for me in this case. It is a large revit model so that makes sense. I also turned off the exterior landscaping assets since i didnt need them for the interior render. The second tier of work around was to reduce the resolution from Ultra to High, but i didnt have to do that in my case. The scope box strategy did work.

    I look forward to the bug fix update in Enscape.

    Thanks again,

    Dave :thumbup:

    Hi Phil,

    No, i have removed any linked CAD files and purged and compressed the file nicely.

    Enscape did just email me with a response to my issue. Apparently it is within Enscape and they are working on a fix. In the meantime the work around is to use scope boxes to reduce the items factored into the render, and then if that doesnt work to reduce from Ultra to High resolution. So far using the scope box to narrow down the model to only what i need has worked this morning. I also turned off the outdoor landscaping assets since in dont need them for the interior render scene.

    Perhaps there will be an update to Enscape soon to fix the bug.

    Thanks for your responses, as they are also very reasonable items to address for any modeling regardless of any bugs in Enscape.

    Dave :thumbup:

    Thanks Phil!!

    You may be exactly correct here.

    I've opened up other building models and rendered scenes with no problems.

    Then i go back to the file im having trouble with, which has become one of those old revised, revised, and revised again interior models that i've imported many custom lights, furniture, etc... and the revit file is quite messy perhaps. Something in the past few weeks has made the revit file in question quite complex and Enscape is having trouble rendering it.

    Im making a clean new revit file, and then going to copy paste only the building elements i need into the fresh file from the old and see if i can leave the problems behind in the old file.

    I'm going to try this strategy before i mess with settings since everything has worked great up until a few weeks ago with this project.

    Thanks, I'll update the post if this fixes the problem.



    Enscape is crashing on me when I try to render a scene.

    I sometimes get 2 or 3 renders successfully, then the next one crashes without any setting changes.

    This is frustrating.

    I have an amazing Nvidia gpu and workstation, so my hardware is capable. Perhaps with the new enscape version there is a bug or another setting that in need to tweak.

    Any advice is welcome.

    Here is the crash screen below: