Hi There,

    I see some other threads about crashes with certain gpu/graphics cards.

    I have a GeForce GTX 1080 in a Boxx mobile workstation.

    This machine has been amazing and never crashed until 2.7 Enscape installed. It only crashes while panning around in an Enscape view, and while doing so the screen suddenly sticks, i get bloches, hots spots, pixels glowing, etc.... and the pc stalls and then restarts.

    Boxx has reviewed my PC and everything seems fine to them.

    My GPU has been stress tested and all good.

    My PC Ram has been tested and all good as well.

    I can only conclude here that it is Enscape not working well with my graphics card.

    I've gotten errror messages once or twice by Enscape saying that the GPU had an issue and must close, so it is safe to say this is an Enscape issue.

    Any help is welcomed on this.

    I may have made a mistake going to 2.7???

    Thanks in advance for any tips or advice on how to remedy this issue. I have not been able to make renders for a few weeks now.

    I am going to try an older version of Enscape (2.6) and see if it crashes or now, and if not i will then be able to conclude there is an issue with 2.7.

    Cheers, Dave

    I think I've found a solution to my problem.

    After updating drivers, updating windows, etc, etc.. all the obvious starting points, I then reviewed some other settings on the computer.

    I adjusted my virtual memory settings to .5xs the available memory low end, and 1.5xs that value for the high end.

    I then saved that setting, rebooted, and put the standalone exe through the ringer, and so far have not frozen up my screen. I've also tried various other revit models and put them through a fast challenging enscape walkthrough with lighting and various sun settings to challenge the system. So far no further stalls or shut downs or lockups.

    Until I see any other problems, hoping not to, I will have to say that clean driver and software updates and the virtual memory setting adjustment did the trick.

    I just find it odd that the setting can all of the sudden need an adjustment after two years of great 3d production and no issues.

    Anyway, im considering this fixed. Knock on wood...…



    Enscape 2.7 (latest) is freezing up on me.

    Doesn't matter if im in a standalone .exe file doing a walk through, or while using the revit plugin and doing a walkthrough.

    Either way it freezes after about 30 seconds.

    My IT group tells me my pc has no issues, windows is fully up to date, revit is up to date (2020.2), and enscape is up to date.

    I have no other pc issues, it is just when using enscape in the viewing mode and doing a walk through of models. Ive tried several models that have all worked in the past, but now for some reason after the enscape update a couple of weeks ago, my enscape is locking up.

    Are there any bug fixes for this?



    Ahh, great question, but I've had success with doing this.

    It comes down to how you create the revit material, where some or even most glass templates don't have all of the settings necessary to adjust for this effect.

    What I do is make a glass material in revit, which has ability to set a transparency file/image, and also the bump map. So create a new material which has these variables to adjust. You may find a glass template that you can duplicate and adjust, but its east to just create one.

    So two steps: make a material with the settings necessary, and then find or create the bump map type of files to put into these settings.

    If your texture is unique, just find a way to find a normal map or bump map image file that comes close or you can tweak, etc...

    Be sure to set your transparency and bump map image files to the same size by adjusting their settings for each in the editor.

    Here are a couple of images of a glass stair railing I worked on recently where I've done the above technique.

    Here is a snapshot of the material and their setting variables you will need to adjust:

    Sort of crappy to see below, but im just showing where transparency and bump maps are enabled and same image file is put into both with same scale.

    Best of luck!!


    A neat idea with the potted plants, is to use them in your landscapes, assign them to the topography you are placing them (ie; lawn or mulch bed, etc..), and then offset them downward (ie; -1'-0" or whatever) then they look like they are planted outside without pots. This I found very useful in expanding the vegetation library extensively while we await the next wave of plant updates.


    David Horvath,

    Registered Architect

    Keep in mind folks, that with ArchVision, you can make custom RPCs that will still appear as you intend without Enscape replacing them with a default asset.

    Here is a progress model that I was working on, where I tossed in some dog rpcs from Archvision from a prior animal rescue project. They appear ok. To make Archvision RPCs, just search for png image files of whatever you are seeking, and make a custom rpc, insert into model view with enscape running, and they will appear, even when using the Enscape assets and settings.


    David Horvath

    Registered Architect

    Yes, please create more ground cover type of plantings in next update.

    I notice that Enscape put time into making a weed (dandelion) so nicely, but not sure why people would put weeds into their renderings. Perhaps the effort can be put into more useful plant assets.:

    More Flower Options (without pots),

    More Shrubs (with some color, some red ones, yellow, etc...)

    More Ornamental Trees (flowering trees).

    Thanks!! It's getting there!!


    How about some Tropical plantings? Palms, wide variety, etc......

    We in Florida are stuck without any Enscape plant materials.

    Also, why do your tutorials show 168 or so plant assets but in Revit only 60 or so??

    The currently few palm type plants in the Enscape assets are really bad and are grossly out of proportion.


    The Enscape landscape elements are nice, however they are very limited in variety and type.

    I have put great time and effort into creating and using the RPCs through Archvision, and it is a wasted effort now to replace all those nice RPCs with the limited variety of the Enscape replacements.

    Will Enscape be producing more landscape and other RPC replacements?

    Renderings will be getting quite stale if we have the same dozen people, same tree, same shrub,. etc... in these nice renderings.