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    Are there any plans at this point to somehow integrate the use of Apple Pro Vision for a VR experience, presumably I suppose with Mac interface? I'm honestly not knowledgeable enough to even ask the question in the right way (I'm a PC/Revit user)...but I just saw a promotional video for Apple Pro Vision and it looked pretty incredible. It looked like a device that might become quite popular and owned by a lot of people-- including clients. Just wondering...

    Added your upvote, thank you! :)

    +1 here for point cloud display and interactivity here as well. I have begun using point cloud scans of existing buildings in my workflow (very economical way of getting accurate as-built models made) and it would be great to have a way of showing a mix of 'before' and 'after.' Thanks!

    Thanks to you both! I don't generally work on very large projects as I'm currently a sole practitioner, so hopefully the 11 GB should suffice. The RTX 2080 ti is in the lead...just want a solution that will last at least a couple of years and give me the reliability I need. And I'd love to be able to use this for VR with clients. If my practice grows in the next year or two, perhaps I'll look at something more potent then. Thank you!

    Cost aside, is there any noticeable difference (using Revit & Enscape) between:

    >Nvidia GeForce RTX 2080 Ti

    >Nvidia Titan RTX, and

    >Nvidia Quadro RTX 5000

    I think I may be facing a graphics card replacement soon and my research has me pretty confused (workstation vs gaming, etc) I know all three of these are good and based on latest Turing GPU, but in terms of quality and reliability (from working day to day and client presentations to client VR experiences) in 2K or even 4K, is there a preference among these 3? Any feedback or guidance is welcome! Thank you!!

    I'm experiencing this problem now myself. I'm using the W7100 AMD Firepro GPU, latest Enscape, latest AMD driver. 32GB Ram, WIN10 64Bit. Fortunately my laptop which is of lesser capacity doesn't suffer this problem, so I can use it in the meantime. But I've been struggling with my PC with this problem for months. I'm on the verge of replacing the GPU but not sure it will solve the problem. I've sent in error/log report to support...just waiting on feedback. Has anyone sorted this out? I'm able to start Enscape (using Revit), move around the model and then without any warning--black screen and no response. I have to totally power down and restart. I've tried to capture the problem with TechPowerUp GPU-Z 2.21.0 but I don't really know what to look for in the log file (if anything will tell). I have made no adjustments or updates to the motherboard/bios; no overclocking, etc.

    Any ideas or suggestions?? Was a solution found for the OP?

    Thanks in advance!

    I've noticed that when using the web standalone export function, the model renders fine but the colors are super anyone else experiencing this? These are PC Win 10 Snips from same monitor. Am I missing a setting? I'd love to be able to share something with my client which is closer to what I see on my screen (in terms of color...more or less). Please help! {I'm not sure this is in the right forum please move if need be...thx!}

    The only way I've been able to do this now is to make two rendering images, one with the trees and one without; then overlay with lowered opacity in photoshop to create the look you seem to be after.

    I've just recently experimented with this...I made a 3d view of my Enscape view once I have it set where I wanted it (press Create View on the Enscape ribbon). You then have the identical view in Revit. Print a PDF/Tiff file of the Revit hidden lines (with or without shadows on) and screenshot save the exact one from Enscape (shift F11). You can then composite these in Photoshop. You cannot have the Enscape "Architectural 2-point Perspective" engaged as Revit doesn't have the same perspective 'correction' available (unfortunately). Once in Photoshop you can mask, work with transparency, etc., etc. Hope that helps? Here is the one I worked on. In this case I had the Revit line extensions turned on and then I added more...