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    Agreed - more coordination between the two would be great. We are creating a PBR based Rhino 7 library and are hoping to only create one .rmtl PBR file so we can use in Enscape and Rhino and other platforms with consistency.

    So far the Albedo map, Normal/Bump map and Roughness value work when set as a PBR and rendered in Enscape. However, Metallic doesn't work. If I set a PBR as metallic it doesn't come up as a metal with the color I have set. If you add metal in the title, it will be metallic but then you can't change the roughness.

    The Metallic checkbox in the Rhino PBR material needs to directly correspond to the metallic value in the Escape material. Thank you!

    Pete Chamberlain Hi Pete, I have the same issue as mentioned above by mhughes . While it's an easy thing to fix for a user, I'm updating Enscape for 100+ Rhino users in our company and if the toolbar isn't there I'm sure some won't know how to use it or fix it. This will cause a serious head ache for us to respond to queries from many users or we will have to write a custom script to fix this.

    Can we have this resolved and moved back to the way it was?

    Why wouldn't Enscape want to make its toolbar as easily accessible as possible?

    Thank you,