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    Is there any chance you're making use of emissive / self illuminating surfaces in your scene to rely on mainly for lighting? If so in general, does it help if you perhaps increase the brightness of your existing actual light sources (which you apply/access via the "Enscape Objects" dialogue) or vice versa reduce the brightness of those self illuminating surfaces/lights generally.

    Let me know if that makes no difference.

    Finally I've found out the problem,

    Same as the answer that Demian reply, the glitch is really came from the self-illuminating surfaces.
    But if I want to solved the problem and make the result realistic, it might be diffcult.

    Because I have to turn of the self illuminating surface to avoid the glitch, but it's kind of weired if all the light is working but the down light is off.

    It sure it will be a problem for every one who wants to have both lighting and self illuminating surface work in the video

    I hope the problem will be solved one day.

    Thanks for reading this article if you have the same problem.

    Hope this can help you too.