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REMINDER! If you encounter any issues with Enscape (e.g. crashes, installation problems) or your subscription please reach out to our dedicated support team directly through the Help Center or by using the Support button as detailed HERE! Thank you for your understanding.

    Wow! Nothing is getting close to that!

    I've lots of small projects where the Sketchup file is under 100mb and I don't have any problems there, but I also have quite a few files over 300mb and Enscape seems to be struggling - when I change scenes in Sketchup with scene sync active, then Enscape sometimes lags and then stops completely if I change twice in quick succession, but worst of all is that I can't render any videos at all. I've reduced the output resolution, kept the number of viewpoints to 4-5 and made sure they are daytime scenes only so the artificial light sources don't need to be calculated - but it still won't work!

    I've reported this officially inculding the logs, but I really need an urgent fix on this as I am self employed and it's having a big impact on my work.

    I've renewed for another year from February so I have an overlap for file access etc while I move to new software, but I was hoping 4.0 would convince me to remain with Enscape as it's always easier to stick with what you know. However, the 4.0 update has brought me nothing but problems, this is due to Enscape's vegetation assets being so limited therefore I have to use Sketchup models, and in large garden projects with maybe 50 or so plant varieties and hundreds of each instance, to lose the "Save as external model for Enscape" is a disaster - I can no longer render video walk throughs - TWO days to render a 30 second clip in standard HD with an Nvidia 4090 GPU! If Enscape doesn't have speed then it's utterly redundant.

    Here’s another reason I can’t/wont use D5:

    I find and place a nice coffee table from the D5 library… all good so far.

    Now I want to place one of my own SU assets such as a phone/ vase/brochure on it … but of course the table doesn’t exist in SU so now what?

    Not only can I see my Enscape assets (proxy or not) in SU but I can move them and objects related to them in SU AND simultaneously see them move in Enscape

    That's a good point. However this issue can also crop up in Enscape if you use the "save as external model for enscape" feature whereby you're just left with a bounding box and have to guess where edges/faces are if you wish to arrange something else next to or on top of the previous item. I'd like to be able to reverse that process but I don't know if that's possible.

    I always map my critical textures in sketchup so that would explain why I've not encountered that issue. I see D5 has added bump mapping features recently, but I've not done enough with it yet to have an opinion on it.

    In my opinion D5 produces better images than Enscape, has more features and is cheaper.

    Unfortunately i don't like the workflow with Sketchup and some things are very annoying (D5 does not recognize the Sketchup tags and puts all the geometries in a one object).

    The D5 "strange" workflow is the only reason becouse i stay with Enscape, but i don't know in future.

    I know that Chaos doesn't want to fight with D5 in the quality and feautures arena, but in my opinion it is losing too much time and seems that it doesn't mind.

    At least you can live sync it so if you need to make a change then you just do it in sketchup, but yes, the tags issue is a bit of a problem.

    I was looking at the alternatives for my landscape design renders (Lumion, Twinmotion, Vantage and D5) and D5 ticked more boxes than the others for me. I gave Enscape the benefit of the doubt because of my familiarity with it along with its speed when I posted this in 2022 Should I stay with Enscape? but I'm currently trying my best to get decent quality results out of the D5 community version before making the switch to the Pro version when my renewal comes up.

    I feel like Enscape had a fantastically unique offering to a great many businesses of varying sizes, but the lack of development and desire to grow this arm of the Chaos business is obvious. The Chaos Library should've been integrated into Enscape as a priority following the merger, surely that would've been a 'quick win' and alone would've justified the pricing increases. It's a real shame.

    Hi Grizzler - Just to make very sure as our EULA shouldn't be literally 91 pages, you do refer to our 18 page file here? Summed up it's about 16 pages which is a lot still, but it's also entirely common that EULAs / terms of conditions are lengthy as they cover vital important legal information. Otherwise I reckon you may refer to the EULA you'll have to agree to when running our installer (which does seem longer as the window is smaller)?

    If I was to sum up the document then I'd also potentially run into the risk of excluding information I'm afraid so we rather not do that, as most of the EULA will also indirectly be tied to your fixed seat subscription in general. Should there be a more specific question about any of the subjects inside of the EULA / (terms of conditions you agreed to), let me know though!

    Don't get me wrong, I understand that it's not really fun to read through any EULA of whichever software generally (and they can get even longer than ours) and if we would be able to drastically shorten the whole thing without getting into legal problems, we would've done it of course already. In that regard I hope you find the time to still read through it once at least.

    Correction, 90 pages ?

    Much like Sketchup, I think Enscape is a bit of a victim of its own success by virtue of its ease of use. As others have said, it is a design tool. It has allowed our typical Revit/Rhino/Sketchup users to easily generate their own renderings that fulfill 90% of their needs for communicating design intent. It isn't a ProViz tool, but people have managed to push it to nearly the level.

    I certainly have a list of items w/Enscape that have gone unaddressed for years, but render quality is not generally a concern, If I need the highest quality I will use a different tool. If your competitors are using superior software that costs less, why are you sticking around?

    I think for the same reason most users do, because of the things it does that others don't, mainly in terms of integration with design software and efficiency of time.

    I appreciate you responding Demian. I'm sure you can understand our concerns when we rely on your software for our livelihoods, so if it was to suddenly change and get absorbed into v-ray Vantage for example, then we would all have to take a financial hit because of the length of time to learn something new along with the fact that it's not as fast as enscape. I don't mind admitting that I'm nervous about what the future holds, mainly as the industry I'm in is predicting a terrible year ahead so I need to be as efficient as possible.

    Still no reassurance from Enscape yet, couple that with the fact that all the big Archviz youtubers stopped doing enscape videos months ago and it's making me very suspicious that something negative might be going on behind the scenes ?. I would love Demian Gutberlet or someone else to give us a clear idea of what the future holds for Enscape ... please?

    One more thing that expands upon what a few have said in terms of consolidating the workflow into one place such as sketchup, it would also be very helpful to have at least a rudimentary post processing option. A workflow of CAD software > render engine > post processor just isn't efficient - I used to use SU Podium prior to enscape and even that had a great little post processor built in, so surely the almightly Chaos Group can provide us with one fairly easily.

    I also see it becoming a stand-alone application so it's not limited by being a SU plugin. Hopefully they are more like D5, in that you add light objects within the SketchUp model and then the external D5 app renders them appropriately vs a data link refresh. This is much better for my use than in TwinMotion where you need to replace objects all over the place as you add them in. Basically, you can still add a light object within a component and just be on your way vs placing them one by one. Landscape/brush tools would also be a huge benefit.

    I'm not sure about it becoming a standalone, mainly due to the fanare that accompanied v-ray getting integrated into SU in April 2021, so Enscape separating would be a huge backwards step which would definitely make me leave more than anything else. The only thing enscape is best as is speed and ease, so if that goes then what's the point?

    Demian Gutberlet I would appreciate it if our concerns were passed on to whoever makes decisions at Chaos, it seems I'm not alone and you could be facing a customer exodus in 2023 unless you address those concerns very soon. Enscape has clearly got a lot of brand loyalty which is why we're reluctant to leave, but when it comes to our livelihoods then that takes priority.

    The inclusion of TwinMotion for Revit with the AEC Collection adds a significant twist to the plot. The Unreal Engine handles bigger files and provides better quality than what Enscape is (currently) capable of achieving. It also has many features that Enscape doesn't have such as terrain editing, weathering, better vegetation distribution, animated and posable assets, among others.

    While Enscape is my primary choice because of extreme ease of use, it is lacking in some of these desired features. I've played briefly with the V-ray beta and there is a pretty hefty learning curve. I'm also guessing there are additional licenses and costs involved that haven't really been mentioned.

    The Revit news had bypassed me so I'm not sure of the significance to me personally as a sketchup user. UE would be overkill for my projects as I just need quick but reasonable approximations to present landscape concepts, that's why Enscape has been my preferred renderer for the last 4 years - it's looking like TM will be my next move unless there's an announcement before my licence renewal that gives me hope.