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    Let's ask Demian Gutberlet 8)

    This is exactly the kind of thing that worries me, zero response. As much as like Enscape it is giving me bad vibes about how it values its customers and whether they're even going to attempt to stay relevant. My staying or going depends on receiving a reasonable response from them - I don't expect them to leak any corporate secrets, just some kind of reassurance would be great.

    Anyone who has been in a relationship where the partner withdraws from them and barely speaks recognises when things are coming to an end, I'm getting that feeling now. Don't leave me Enscape, I love you, just think of all the good times we've had together, we can both change! ^^

    I'm pleased to hear that so many agree with me, this isn't a post aimed at berating Enscape, it's one showing that many of us really like it and because of that we don't want to see it left behind. It would give me hope to hear from someone at Enscape addressing our collective concerns, but their silence is a little worrying as there is no way they aren't aware of this thread.

    I'll admit that I've downloaded both D5 and TM so I can become more familiar with them before my renewal date in a few months, so far I'm preferring TM as you can do a quick job or a high quality fully raytraced job with the click of a button, but D5 does quick grass like enscape does and that is a simple but big plus for me.

    Enscape, if you are reading this then please be aware that you have a very willing focus group here that are able to possibly assist you with shaping your product.

    Haven't Sketchfab and Quixel have recently been integrated into other render softwares extending their effective libraries considerably? I really would like to encourage Enscape marketing people to try to retain customers with an indication of what they have in store and, critically, when they might be releasing it.

    You've got to be reasonably skilled to produce something good in any of them, but having a massive asset library really helps and Enscape's is dwarfed by those of their competitors. I provide landscape visualisations, so vegetation is key for me, and I feel like the others are currently offering a better solution. Even basic things such as animated flames and flowing water are missing despite them having being requested for years.

    I've used Enscape for a few years now and I have also introduced other businesses to it as I found it to have a nice work flow, but on my last renewal I was 50/50 between remaining with Enscape and going elsewhere, and I remained due to my familiarity. However, I am regretting it now as my business competitors are all using superior rendering software that costs similar or less. I have suggested on every opportunity that there will be others like me who will be leaving, so they should be enticing us to stay with the news of what the Chaos Group have planned, but the recent updates are underwhelming and I can't afford to be left behind when I am a one man business enduring a recession.

    Last chance Enscape, I'd love to stay rather than spend weeks learning something new, but unless there is a major overhaul v4.0 coming VERY soon then I am afraid I will be leaving and it is unlikely I will be back.

    Enscape fixed seat license = £406.80

    Main competitor 1 = £490.80 (with full Raytracing option and vastly superior asset/material library)

    Main competitor 2 = £305.59 (with full Raytracing option, vastly superior asset/material library and built in post processing)

    I was really hoping Enscape and V-ray would have merged into one software offering by now to remain competitive with others, but I've not heard any news since the corporate merger and this makes me think they will stay separate which is of course very disappointing.

    Is anyone else feeling the same way? I wonder how many have already left.

    Enscape, how much does one customer mean to you? Probably not a lot I suppose, but I'm voicing my opinion here because I'm certain from other forums I frequent that I'm not alone.

    I'm afraid it seems that we have not yet received any report from the e-mail you're also using to sign into this Forum. Even if the log files do not show us more, it's still good to have an overview of your machine and such. So pardon for having to ask again, but please very kindly submit a Feedback Report.

    Also, does this behavior translate into your renderings, or is this only occurring in videos?

    The same goes for you in this case. :) If you haven't submitted us a report, please kindly do so and let me know once you've done so - I have not been able to reproduce this behavior at all currently on my machines so again, any further info may help. Do you actually see this behavior translate videos as well like Grizzler?

    I've just sent it. I think it's just videos and previews and it seems to be worse when there are reflective materials present.

    Now that I'm looking out for it I'm seeing it much more, you can see on this screenshot that not only is there a red flash on the metallic components, but there is a pink flash on the trees which are from the asset library - this is from a different project to the previous one I mentioned, but it happens in all of them.


    I use the Bucket Selection tool to randomly place plants/trees etc, but even at maximum density it is nowhere near enough, and because it won't let you repeat the process for the same area then I have to use a work around - I make two additional copies of planting beds using different texture colours, then I merge them all together and manually adjust asset collisions, it's a pain but it's still faster than placing items individually.

    Please can you alter the density parameters.

    I started noticing that when I change the render quality settings, up or down, I often see a red flash in my preview - it wasn't a problem at first but now it has started appearing in my videos too. I've reduced the output quality down to HD and I still see it (4 times in a 20 second video!). My nvidia 3060Ti should be enough to cope with it I'd have thought

    Basically I've been trying a new process out when I do a garden survey, rather than using stock HDRi images I take a 360 degree image from the centre of the garden and then import is a my Skybox. This works well enough for rural settings with distant structures or forests etc, but the part of the image that shows the house it ends up enormous, so the skybox house image ends up being larger than the house that I create in the model. Ideally I'd like to be able to alter the relative distance of the skybox, but I realise this is unlikely to be possible.


    I have tried to create my own skybox images to add accuarte background to landscape projects, and it works well except that everything in the background is too close. I feel like I need to set my camera zoom to 0.5 when I capture the image, but unfortunately it's not an option. Any suggestions?

    Thanks for your inquiry Grizzler . Right away, any specific wishes you may have, please forward them to product management directly through our Voting Portal. In that portal, you'll also see what is under consideration and in development, plus we also provide a roadmap for 3.3 at the bottom of this page here. It's not listed in the portal just yet, but the Video Editor will also be getting an overhaul as soon as possible.

    Adding new assets is a constant goal of ours, that I can already guarantee. When it comes to animated fire/flames, this is already partially possible through using an animated (fire/flames) texture, but I am aware that this may not always yield the results one is looking for since we do not support video-Alpha channels yet. But, just so you're aware of what is currently possible (click the link to see an example).

    May I ask what kind of vegetation you'd like to see added into Enscape, then I will also forward it to our 3D Artists as well. If you have any other major wishes, feel free to post them here as well so that others can chime in to discuss those further if they like. Much appreciated!

    Thanks for the info, it's very useful.

    In terms of the vegetation I'd like to see, it's basically anything that closes the gap on the Lumion asset library. The tree variety Enscape has is good (though I'd like to see a few more ornamental varieties), but the plants/shrubs aren't great - I mostly end up using the ferns as ground cover with lots of my own sketchup plants scattered around, but then when I save them as enscape proxies and end up with hundreds of wireframe boxes all overlapping, then it makes revisions difficult. Saving as a proxy should come with geometry options ideally, such as wireframe box or monochrome low poly (like how enscape assets appear).