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Reminder: If you encounter any issues with Enscape or your subscription please reach out to our dedicated support team through the Help Center or by using the Feedback button as detailed here.

    Can the official guys give us a hint as to what the future holds for Enscape please? My main two hopes are significant growth of the asset library, vegetation in particular, plus animated fire/flames. I must admit that this most recent renewal was a very close call as I nearly left for a competitor that seems to be making great strides in their development, so I'm hoping there are some good things heading our way with Enscape to keep me on board next time.

    Grizzler , Susannevdv and icarumba , thank you all very much for the additional feedback - just to make sure is there a chance you could please try our latest preview, as it contains fixes for this specific area as well, especially Grizzler since I've tried to reproduce that particular problem in preview

    Good and bad news. I can now alter the time of day of individual keyframes, but I can no longer alter the duration between them

    Hello Demian. Sorry for the delay, I must definitely be doing something wrong. I created two key frames at opposite ends of a garden starting at 05:00 and finishing at 22:00 - or that is the plan, if I change one they both change. I've done loads of videos in the 2.7 version without any problems like this. I simply select a keyframe, it tells me which I have selected (1/2 or 2/2), I alter the time then press "update", but it changes them both! It's driving me crazy and I realise it must be me or everyone would be going nuts.

    For my first video with 3.0 I wanted to do a simple shadow study on a garden design tracking the sun across the garden from morning to evening, it's just two key frames, but I can't seem to set them at different times - when I make one 6am/10pm they both become 6am/10pm. What am I doing wrong?

    Sounds like you are using the preview version, in which the video editor doesn't work currently. It's in the release notes of the alpha.

    If you don't want surprises like this, you should stick to the official releases (2.9.1 is the most recent one).

    You're correct Pieter, I'm just downloading 2.9 now, thanks. However, this is the first time I've ever experienced any problems at all with a preview version. so it never even crossed my mind.

    Hi! If you only have 1 seat on your floating license, then only one user can open Enscape at the same time, unrestricted. Once Enscape is closed, it may also take up to 5 minutes until the seat is freed up. Is there a chance you only have just closed Enscape and immediately tried to use the license on the second machine? :)

    No because I've had the problem for over an hour. I can view the license acknowledgement info so I don't know what the problem is.

    Thank you for responding. My rendering times are acceptable, but they do appear to be getting a bit slower over time, plus the current GPU seems to be towards the bottom end of Nvidia products so I'm trying to make sure I'm not going to suffer in the near future.

    I'd like to upgrade my PC a bit from the attached specification, but I've never had to do this on a PC that I own as previous employers have been the ones responsible (Covid put an end to that unfortunately), so I'd appreciate any guidance. Plus, as you can imagine, I can't be taking large financial gambles presently, so I'll have a maximum budget of £500.

    Hello Demian. I've reverted back to 2.7. I may possibly have been in Orthogonal projection, but I didn't select that mode so it could only have happened if that is the default setting upon installation, as I only ever use Perspective projection.

    I'm running version 2.8.0-preview.3+22363 and I'm having lots of problems, I've no skyboxes or backgrounds as no matter what I select I get the white background, lights no longer work in models that were perfectly fine previously and it has reverted to the earlier problem of rendering scenes from a great distance away rather than the viewport window. Can someone tell me what the last stable version for Sketchup was and how I can revert back to it please? I've never had to undo an update before so I'm not sure what I'm doing.

    Thank you.

    Hello. I'm new to enscape and decided to purchase it after the two week trial which went really well, but now I'm repeatedly having problem with proxy items missing from the render. I can see that all of my layers are turned out and the proxy item outline boxes are still visibleThe proxy trees, plants etc were perfectly fine when I first added them to the model, but not any more. This is just one example and I have encountered this on my last 3, resulting in me having to re-add the objects to complete my work. Clearly this is not an efficient workflow having to re-add items every time I reopen an skp file - please help! It's urgent!

    Example image shows box outlines but no trees.