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    Perhaps I'm not understanding the feature correctly, but have found updating of views to be a bit frustrating and would like to suggest a way to overwrite/update an existing view WITHOUT having to have pressed the edit button first.

    We will frequently select a view, navigate around and find a much better angle and just want to replace/update the existing view with this new angle. But because we weren't necessarily planning on updating, we didn't press the edit button first. If we press the edit button now that we want to update the view, it first takes us back to the original view and we have to start from scratch. That or we just constantly have to create fresh views - it gets a little annoying.

    Additionally, when creating views from within Enscape it doesn't seem to respect all of the visibility settings of the original view? We often deal with links, design options, filters, etc. and find that if we create a view in Revit and set these up how we want, view it in Enscape, create/save the view from Enscape, it then 'resets' all of the Revit visibility settings in this newly created view. Are we missing something?

    Certain materials automatically render a certain way if the Revit material name includes key words (e.g. "Long Carpet") - is there any way to have Enscape search for these key words somewhere else (description, keywords, comments, etc.)? There are often naming conventions already in place, and I don't want to have to start adding in Enscape key words to a bunch of our material names.

    I know that I can manually change how materials are rendered via the Enscape material editor, but what I'd really like is to be able to have it automated in some way other than the Revit name.

    Just for the record I was also having upload issues so I completely uninstalled Enscape then did a fresh install of 3.4.2 and uploads were back to working. I then re-installed 3.5 and it's also working again, so the workaround was a success for us.

    I unfortunately cannot find any feedback report using the domain of your e-mail either. Could you perhaps share the e-mail used with me to contact support via a feedback report? Ideally via a direct message for confidentiality reasons. The response time is currently only a couple of days so it may have simply not reached us.

    Meanwhile, regarding that issue, check out my post here for a workaround:

    RE: Web Standalone not uploading

    Let me know in case you have any other questions as well.

    No worries, sent you a PM. Will attempt the rollback work-around, but imagine this rules out Revit2024 models?

    update: I completely uninstalled and removed all traces of Enscape, restarted PC, and did a fresh install of 3.4.2. This did the trick and panoramas are uploading again. Just to push my luck I then re-installed 3.5 as suggested in the workaround (thanks Demian) and it too is appearing to function as expected. Won't pretend to understand it, I guess the old turning it off and on again trick saves the day again :)

    I'm having these same issues as addressed above. Every suggested solution I've found is not fixing the problem - tried restarting, updating Enscape, firewall URL exceptions, etc. Also tried uploading a panorama of a different project and got the same error. Suggestions?

    We are in the exact same position and can't identify the problem nor solution. Using latest version of Enscape, latest drivers, connection is good, logged in and out, tried different machines and both office and home connections and nothing. Submitted a feedback report with logs over a week ago and haven't heard anything. Was there ever a solution for this?