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    Hello! I have just recently updated my Enscape version to the most recent version, and the assets in the model are missing. I'm not certain why they're not there. They show up in the Revit model itself, but not the Enscape window. I am using Enscape 2.8.2 and Revit 2017.


    The model I am using has a lot of assets and I can't seem to find the ones it did not load? Was that obvious to you? Ie did you see the ones that did not load?

    Yes, I actually had enough of them missing it was fairly obvious(40 types but many of each type).

    My model was large, but small enough that I just deleted the entire thing and undid it. It took a while to load, but my vegetation assets came back. I had a few cars with the same problem that I had to delete separately, though.

    I've also received this error in SketchUp. It is an old model but uses the asset library from the most recent update. I've found that deleting the assets and undoing the deletion works, but I wouldn't really call it a solution.