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    Quite often in early stages of a project I like to render massing models as if it was a physical scale model of the site and buildings. At the moment the depth of field slider in Revit stops at 100 meters. As I'm still modelling things in real-life dimensions I have to 'take my photo of the scale model' from a distance far greater than 100 meters. Would it be possible to increase the range of DoF?

    As has already been said the issue is simply the FoV. Although it's true that sometimes a larger FoV is needed to show context, I still try to keep a rule of staying around 45-50 degrees and always avoid going above 60 degrees. This is roughly the focus range of a human eye (anything above 60 is peripheral vision). However, the detailed vision range is actually even less, somewhere around 30-45 degrees. That's why things tend to look 'right' around the 45deg mark.

    Couple of thoughts:

    Turn down the saturation - by quite a lot based on that video. Especially outside it looks almost cartoony with how bright and saturated the colours are.

    Turn down glossiness, even if something was very glossy in reality I don't think we would perceive it like that. There would also always be imperfections reducing the effect. E.g. that stone floor reflects too much and draws away attention.

    As was already said reduce the white and add some imperfections with a bump map. Sometimes being not-realistic ends up being perceived as more realistic. E.g. over-exaggerating a walls plaster finish or oversizing concrete or wood texture to bring out more of the grain. Bring this out with a bump map.

    Cinematics. The camera is moving very fast and there are changes of angle and direction with the camera jumping around. Put more thought in simple camera angles with slower and more thought panning moves. Use time to cut and put together a series of such clips with simple transitions. Less is more.

    Post-processing. Maybe try playing around with colour and tone in post-processing. You could try adding some very light blur/fog. Note: very light. Less is more with effects. Rendering can never be as realistic as the real world so blurring the boundaries will make it harder to notice.

    I appreciate the work that has gone to the asset library recently. Generally there is a good quantity and variety of people, furniture, vegetation etc now. However, if I could ask for one more addition it would be for a person in a wheelchair. Quite often you want to highlight accessibility so having such an asset would be very handy.