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    Thanks for helping, btw. Here's what's even stranger. There is another asset that I copied from an older Revit project using an older version of Enscape - Sofa 002. Sofa 002 still exists in the current version of Enscape. If I drag the family Enscape AssetDefinition - Sofa002 into the plan the mesh shows up as if everything is normal. However, it does not render in the newest version of Enscape. It is invisible.

    If I delete the family Enscape AssetDefinition - Sofa002 from the Properties Menu, then re-insert it from the Enscape Asset library, I get the error message: "Asset cannot be placed. The name 'EnscapeAssetId" is already in use. Parameter name: parameterName." This is odd, since I just deleted this exact family. Its almost as if the old Enscape asset definition of Sofa 002 is still in use, or the new Enscape cannot translate the difference from the old Enscape asset.

    Hi, using latest Enscape in Revit 2022. When we insert certain assets from the asset library we get the error message "Asset cannot be placed. The name 'EnscapeAssetId" is already in use. Parameter name: parameterName."

    Screenshot attached.

    It happens with some of the furniture assets. I think it may be related to copy and pasting some of the same furniture assets from older Revit files using older versions of Enscape assets. When you paste the older assets into the newer file, the proxy mesh is visible, but do not render in Enscape. If you delete and re-insert the same asset, you get this error message. Its a unique condition, but is there a way to purge out the older Enscape asset definitions? We're trying to avoid having to re-build the file.