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    Really stunning result!. My only comment to improve the top view render is using a higher resolution rug texture..... ( and if possible a better ornamental plant with higher poly and detail, the leaves are somehow flat).

    Keep up the good work! You have got the hang of it!
    با اینحال تشویقتون میکنم که رئالیسم بیشتری رو هدف بگیرید.

    جناب باقرزاده، ضمن موارد بالا، چند مورد کمک میکنه به نتایج بهتری برسید. اولا جانمایی تکسچرها. در دنیای واقعی وقتی جایی رو تایل میکنیم ، از یکطرف اقلا سعی میکنیم کامل باشه. لذا مثلا بلافاصلاه از کف یا از ازاره با تایلهای کامل شروع میکنیم و سعی میکنیم قسمتهای نیمه در یکطرف بیفته و هردوطرف نیمه نشن. ...ندرتا متریالی داریم که کاملا گلاسینس داشته باشه بلکه عموما کمتر از 100درصد گلوسینس داریم. موضوع بعدی پالیگنهای مدلاست...بسته به بعد نسبت به دوربین انتخاب کنید. و موضوع بعدی هم بول کردن یا بخ زدن به لبه هاست. توی دنیای واقعی کمتر لبه کاملا شارپ داشته باشیم.. با اینحال کارهاتون رو میبینم و خیلی خوبن.

    تبریک میگم.

    All those interiors are pretty well. and even the exterior one is amazing except that car..That car... low poly with strange material... I guess it could be replaced with a better model benefiting a better material. Would you mind give it a go please?

    Except for the towels' shadow and strong vapor, the rendering is really well done. The super huge stone texture makes it somehow unbelievable. Revit has some limitation in asset modeling. For sure adding bevel to sink model edges or higher-poly bathing sink would result in more realism.

    So you have used adaptive components along a divided path as far as I understand. Am I right? And are you going to share more information please? Such as what is the right type for the adaptive component so that it stands vertical or whatever tip you may add?

    Thanks in advance for sharing!

    Amazing result.

    For extreme accurate result in compense of time , Thea would be fine as it uses unbiased algorithms. A super fast result might be achieved using Enscpae and a balance choice would be V-Ray while time consuming setup is needed.
    Also as mentioned if using Presto engine or denoising in Thea then it beats V-ray as it saves your time in engine and material set-up.

    Nice renders.
    The only comment I might share is on floor material. It has dark wide strips representing gaps between tiles. So it needs corresponding up and downs while it is now flat. You might remove those gaps from the texture or you might set the proper bump map to make it more real.