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    Let's say I have 2 users, one is on Revit 2024 with Enscape 4.0 and the other is on Revit 2024 with Enscape 3.5. What would happen if the person in 4.0 made edits to a project, and then the person in 3.5 tried to open the view or vice versa? Would things be missing?


    We also have resolved schema errors within our models and have tested within Revit 2024.2. We have high confidence that all schema conflicts have been resolved within our models, but are still seeing this issue within using Enscape.

    Same here, and we have had a team that has been essentially unable to use Enscape at all since August. Went through the steps with Autodesk after being told here that it was related to their schema issues and now that it's finally done they are saying to look back here for assistance. Extremely frustrating...

    Just an FYI - we are getting the same error on one of our projects in 2024.1.1. The project was initially in 24.1 and had the schema errors that came with that patch. We sent the file to Autodesk to have them repair the schema errors (which they did), but we are still unable to open Enscape in this particular project.

    Demian Gutberlet Should we also submit some kind of report/ticket, or just stay tuned here for updates?

    Just had another employee have the same issue yesterday with Enscape 3.5 and Revit 2022 - duplicate a material, change it, select OK or Apply, Revit might "pause", and then closes without error (and obviously without saving). It is inconsistent. In deliberate testing, it would might work successfully 15 times before crashing.

    Chestler Jitterstain what kind of workarounds have you tried?

    "Workaround" may have been a poor choice in words. More like "suggestions" - uninstalling all add-ins except Enscape, reinstalling Enscape, reinstalling Revit, Updating/Re-installing GPU drivers, Running/Rolling back Windows and device firmware updates, Re-imaging the entire device. We have also tried different years of Revit, but the most complaints we get are from 2022 (which is also what we are mostly using).

    We aren't using the Turkish version, that was xosira .

    Verified today that we are still having the issue with Enscape 3.5 on Revit 2022. Sent log files to support.

    Let me know if you have any luck - we have been having this issue constantly since 3.4, and barring a couple of workarounds haven't really gotten anywhere. We are also not in Turkey... think that was a separate issue. We also had an open ticket with Autodesk for awhile.

    Hope this can get resolved soon as this has been especially frustrating.