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    This is an update to long-standing request of mine. I just want know how oculus support is coming along. now supports pass-through with the Quest3. I have been trying to use Revit from inside the Enscape VR view for a long time now, even going as far as getting a logitech bridge keyboard Dev kit sometime back.

    This would allow architects to design from inside the space they are designing. “Inception” style.

    I’m sure you can see the appeal.

    Any chance of this becoming a thing one day? Maybe even in collaboration with immersed?



    Hi Demian! So I've been asking about this for a while now, and have been using Enscape with Quest 2 successfully so far. Now we're getting Quest 3 with color passthrough and the ability to use a tracked keyboard. This means that Enscape users will be able to edit their model on the fly from INSIDE the VR scene.

    This is a really good reason to port Enscape to Oculus. It would be the most compelling way to work in all of design.