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    Hi Demian Gutberlet

    I as a student would like to add how much I agree with damo3.

    Mid Semester I have a big presentation coming up next week and only this morning did I find out that the trusty rendering software that I've been using for 3 Semesters is not available to me anymore??
    Now of course I dont have the time or capacity to learn a whole new software in 3 days even though I wish I could because I do not in any way want to support this decision. The only choice I have rn is to pay up and I do feel very fortunate that I am in a financial situation where I can pay up because I know a couple of my peers that are not.

    The other issue is that I graduate in 8 months so what is Enscape going to do me any good having had to pay for 12months in advance??

    I dont want to start swearing because I know that the people answering these threads aren't the ones behind cooperate decisions and there is no point letting it out on them. But I do have to say that to the lower Semesters that I'm tutoring or to the higher ones in my peer group there will be no point in passing the paywall you put up earlier this year.

    Younger students need to be able to try out different Softwares in order to find out what works best for them without a 12months payment attached to it. And not just for 14-days.
    That is something that takes you out of the competition/selection entirely which I find very sad.

    I also agree with that campus computer pools aren't a solution to any of that. Especially since ours only have Macs and are only accessible at certain hours during the day. We need smth accessible at 4am in the morning if necessary.

    So yes I will be paying the fee now because as already established I dont really have a choice rn.

    But for the students I teach, Enscape will be a footnote behind a paywall.