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    Enscape team

    As shown on the enscape website sound is virtually animated from left to right speakers depending on your location, and it dampens when listing through a glass wall.

    Non of these effects are working at the moment.

    Is there any plan to fix it?

    the skybox is construction site with default settings

    the time in the scene is 18:25

    there is a small difference on that time in reflections 18:15 to 18:25, when i go beyond 18:30 then it is fine and gives accurate reflections.

    Hi Knoefel

    I think when we first buy enscape we first need to resister.

    I am still unable to reset my password on the main enscape website, ( )

    The licence is on my same email address.

    Changes on the on the forum website is happening without any issues.

    I got an email for reset password but when entering new password it says unable to change password.

    i am just trying to check my licence and discontinue my subscription for the month of January, i do not want to get charged for the new month.

    i shall subscribe again when i need to.

    i was rendering at ultra settings on 1080p, now i have set it to high settings and used section box in revit the results are much better now.

    my video card was set to compute mode for mining crypto, i switched it back to graphics mode... its 3 seconds per frame now. :)

    thanks for your response Knoefel.

    Hello Enscape Team

    i am using AMD RX 480 8GB with latest AMD drivers

    The video export render timing is greatly increased in version 2.1, regardless of draft, high and ultra quality settings and changing the compression quality does not change the render times

    it has been 8 hours now i have made 5 clips of 40sec (30 FPS) of my project. i timed the render of each frame is about close to 18 secs.

    In the previous version i made many video exports in a matter of minutes with my RX 480 and with good presentable quality of my choice.

    my main problem is, i can not see a rendered draft quality video export with lowest compression quality of 40 sec clips with 25, 30, 60 or 120 FPS in few minutes, when in the versions before i was able to do that just fine with out any problems.