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    A little background on my office's Enscape Workflow. We use Enscape for internal design review and renderings for client presentations. Occasionally, we will export a standalone model and cycle through set views. Daylighting and Element Visibility are important factors in this process, especially when showing design options. In my opinion, the best aspect of Enscape was the speed and ease renderings could be created.

    I have loved the program since I started using it nearly 4 years ago. However, these most recent updates (in 2021) have caused me quite a bit of frustration. Before the update, users had the ability to control the creation of views within Revit and were independent of the Enscape Software. This allowed users to have one "base view" that we would use to launch Enscape and then have the ability to navigate the different star views without switching from the base view. This was crucial because it allowed a consistency across images, in terms of what was visible in each view, landscape elements, hidden elements in views, and the specified daylighting for the base view. The view creation in Enscape is now native to Enscape and automatically switches to a new base view each time you change the view. Furthermore, the daylighting settings are selected and saved but then will not apply when returning to the view. Additionally, when using design options it requires you to create a new view for each design option. Therefore, the image/rendering is nearly impossible to recreate exactly. Beforehand, you could set a single view then cycle through the options. This kept everything in the rendering, except the design options, exactly the same. This is crucial in comparing the options. While these may seem like minor items, they can cause a massive amount of time to be added to generating renderings, which is not ideal. The part that is most frustrating is the fact that these were not issues before and in fact were beneficial, so why change them?


    I recently downloaded the update of Enscape (last version I had was update in May 2020)

    After the installation completed, I fired up Revit to give it a test drive only to be met with a notification prompting me to enter a license key (it says I am in evaluation mode).

    This is a similar occurrence that has happened before with updates. Typically, I just re-enter my key and I am all set. However, this time I am running into trouble.

    I have provided images (see attachments). But basically, it is a fixed seat, and for some reason, when I enter the key it tells me that it is applied but not activated because I have exceeded the number of seats for my license? My computer is the only computer that is associated with this license, I have tried to deactivate the license and remove it, then add it again, all to no avail. I have copied the key from my Customer Center and even manually typed it in, still nothing is working.

    I am wondering if this is a potential issue because I am now working remotely due to COVID-19. I am connecting through a VPN to access my desktop computer, but perhaps when I am entering or removing the key it is not doing so for the "Machine Fingerprint" associated with the fixed seat.

    Has another had any issues with this as well?

    Or perhaps could offer some insight?

    In the images attached I have hidden sensitive information for privacy purposes.

    Any information would be greatly appreciated.

    Thanks Enscapers!


    In previous versions of Enscape, when you set a view it would not only remember the view but also set it to the time of day captured. However, in the most recent update I am having trouble with this. I get the shadows and time of day correct and then save the view, but then the time of day changes when I go to that view again.

    Am I doing something wrong?

    Our office uses the Standalone Model for presentations to our clients. This meetings occur in our conference rooms which do not have the modeling software loaded.

    Is Enscape working on developing away to capture and exports images from the Standalone Model?

    It would be create to instantly be able to create a library of still images of the model and give the client immediately at the conclusion of the meeting.

    With the newest updates, we have seen Enscape add a Material Editor feature in ArchiCAD and from previous updates I know that SketchUp also has this capability. Is there any time frame of when this capability will be introduced into Revit?

    Hi Demian, I am using Revit. While I can get a high quality water material, it seems impossible to bring that water plane to meet the horizon. I've shared an image of a basic model I am using, the site is sloping downhill. However, even if it was uphill, the water plane will never extend to the horizon, no matter how big I make it. Is there any trick to this?

    Hope this helps elaborate on my original post.



    Has anyone had success using Skybox? I am really having trouble setting context for the models I am making. Is there anyway to bound the horizon when not using skybox?

    Any tips or tricks for establishing boundaries within the model?

    Any tips for creating ocean?


    My office has loved to use the 3D Standalone Export to Present our designs to clients. It engages them and really helps generate discussion on the design as a whole. However, I have noticed that the resolution when pausing on views is quite grainy. I have provided some images below, one with the quality setting on medium and one with the quality set to ultra. I am wondering if there is anyway to improve this resolution or is it just something I have to accept and may improve in the future?

    Any feedback would be great and I am excited about becoming part of the Enscape Community.