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    Just received a mail with the following >

    Please follow this link to set up a password and confirm your account:

    After registering the new password I was send to a "Welcome to your Enscape account"....which is totally empty with no license.

    How do I get or see the license or the license number?

    Whenever I see the license, do I need to install the demo first then go to Enscape manage license and then type/copy paste the license?

    A quick answer would be nice.


    Hey guys

    Enscape for Sketchup Pro.

    Video texture > the only option I see in the Enscape texture slot is "image files" but I do not see any MP4, AVI, etc or any video option.

    Could someone tell me how to add a video to a texture please?


    Just to remind you Alex, proxis will reduce significantly your project size but your problem is not the file size = 300mb, it is the amount of polygons/faces to render. Yes you can convert your high poly objects to low poly by using Transmurt or any other 3D object proxi converter for example, but the total amount of polygons will be the same when using proxis and launching them in Enscape, so Enscape will never render such amount of polygons/faces, unless you split the project.

    Divide/split your project in small files, chose them by streets, buildings, areas, etc. whatever you can easily import afterwords in the project you are working and trying to render.

    We are looking into providing wind settings for custom Assets, in the meantime, there will of course also be further vegetation implemented by us into our dedicated Library which is affected by wind as well. :)

    Hey Demian,

    You said "in our dedicated Library", you mean for future Enscape updates or you guys will create a Library on it's own?

    Btw, to see the trees bouncing by the wind & the rest of the vegetation like bushes or tall plants completely still when making a video looks very odd. Hope you guys release the library soon.

    Although the objects look low poly I believe there are several thousands of polygons and Enscape do not like that. If you only want to make renders and not videos there are several ways to do that. The most simple, split the model.

    Chose the views (cameras) in SketchUp and split the model in several pieces (delete the objects from that file and save them in new files), then make a render, if you need more parts of the site showed in the that particular render, simply get the rest of the model from the new files (paste in place) and make a new render, then compose the final render in Photoshop.

    Same for the hole model (site), split, make a render, piece by piece and put them together in Photoshop.

    Realistic aerial views in Ensape needs post-production, save as PNG, remove the background and add your own background.

    Hope it helps.

    I see - yeah, it can be tricky modifying the horizon files themselves. As mentioned, if you attach the file itself I have an example of why it would be great to support something like objects not casting shadows and such, if it's confidential I can also understand that.

    Not any secret with the picture :) , it is just a jpg panorama picture I found in the net. I have made a PNG file using the panorama picture copying several times sideways to end up with the same horizon dimensions as the default ones used by the program and then tried.

    It is not how it looks but more the "gap" in between the object and the edge of the horizon.

    You can try yourself by placing a building, then a camera in front of it, then move the camera up above the top of the building and finally rotate the camera around the building, aiming at the building of course. You will see the gap I am talking about all the way when rotating around the building, that gap needs to be filled up with something to make it look realistic or at least a bit realistic. The big gap is gone if you use a cylinder around the building with the textured panorama picture.

    Thanks again for your help :)

    Found the System Data/textures/ horizon place. I did try with a skybox HDR image.

    Although you see the HDR projected in the horizon when moving the camera up (in the animation/video), there is a huge gap to fill between the object & the horizon and that is an issue on itself because then you need to model a terrain, vegetation, architecture, etc, etc. By using a cylinder with a proper texture you avoid the gap and to built all the objects mentioned.

    If you do not have any other suggestion I rest my case.

    I hope you guys get that way to stop objects from receiving/casting shadow for your next releases. As you may know, all other render engines have this command.

    edit, I saw your answer after my latest post. those planes with textures you suggest have to be in "vertical" position and that creates.... shadows. I am talking about an animation not a still render.

    I'm not aware of any solution to help with objects not casting shadows in Enscape itself - may I ask, is there no chance for you to use a dedicated .HDRI file instead of a cylinder as your skybox? :) You can also gladly send me the background image file you've been using so far and I'm sure there is a way to convert it so that it can be used as a sky in Enscape.

    Hey Demian,

    How to use the HDRI as skybox in Enscape if not textured onto an object or to a face?. Is there any way to use it as the Enscape Atmosphere "horizon" if that is perhaps what you do mean?

    Btw, I did send a mail to your support department asking the same question, so no need to answer my mail if I finally get it to work with your help.

    Could someone perhaps from Enscape staff confirm that it is not possible to stop Sketchup or any 3d object from casting shadows out of the default Enscape sun brightness?

    I have tried using 0 in the sun brightness setup but all looks odd and ugly.



    How can I make an Sketchup object NOT to cast shadows in my Enscape render or video.

    There are boxes in SketchUp object Entity Info to make the object not to receive or cast shadows but it has no effect on Enscape renders or videos

    I am trying to make a video of an stadium using a big cylinder with a panorama pic as background but the cylinder cast....shadows :(

    Do anyone has an idea of how to fix this issue?


    Hello everyone

    Can outlines be seeing and rendered in white color for example or it is only in black?....could not find anything related to this with the search feature.


    We have had a one day curses with Enscape in the company I work for.

    Nice program as real time rendering together with Sketchup although, in my opinion, missing big amount of features that only 3D Max can give.

    As a Vray advanced user I can see the advantages of using Enscape for projects presentation, not only for your own but whenever you want to share your 3D projects with your costumers anywhere in the world. But I can also see the Enscape disadvantages compare to Vray in therms of quality rendering & the huge amount of material features Vray offer in comparison with Enscape.

    All in all, Enscape for Max would be a great idea.

    Hey Demian,

    Is there any chance to know when, if Enscape will also have support for Max, could be released? somewhere 2020 or later?

    As mentioned before by other members, 3D max has lots of smart features to visualize not only architecture but all kinds of 3D objects that other 3D program do not have. It would be great to use Enscape features & render speed to achieve much faster & professional projects.

    Regards....& longing to see Enscape 3D Max support : ))