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    Hello Enscape staff,

    Enscape has no support for 3D Studio Max, is there any particular reason for it?, will there ever come Enscape for Max?


    When you open the exe file on any pc, the first camera view is on "fly" mode, then you press "walk" mode (on the screen or press tab in the keyboard ) and can start your tour, fine,

    Although sometimes when you open the exe file and try the "walk" mode the camera view goes outside your building (either high or low) and it is difficult to get it back in default position. I am talking about costumers or people who want to see your project in their own pc and suddenly cannot go back to default camera high/position.

    Is there any way to make the "walk" mode more user friendly for people who have trouble understanding the principles of using the keyboard & the mouse at the same time?.

    Is is possible to avoid to jump out of the building after getting the "walk" mode?