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    matthewbolton , thanks a lot for your inquiry.

    I'm afraid, that is not yet possible, but we are very aware of the demand for this and you can be assured that I'll forward your feedback to our developers as well! If you have any further questions regarding this subject, or Enscape in general, let me know! :)

    Yes this function would be very useful for us Archicad users!! Would be nice to see this in coming upgrade! And also VR compatible walkthroughs (video paths) as I mentioned in another thread!

    Video for VR

    Ok, now I notis that the function with "create view" and favorit views are not accessable from Archicad plugin toolbar. It seems like you can access it from all other programs (revit, rhino and sketchup) but not Archicad. Would be very nice if this function also could be reached from Archicad....

    You do realize that your clients will get terribly sick? Almost everybody will experience strong nausea when moving around in VR without actually moving. That is exactly why the teleport mechanic was developed in the first place.

    What I would suggest instead is to "favorite" all the views you want to show your client, they can then jump between them in VR using the shortcut on the left controller.

    Well I get your point and I know this is a common issue among VR gamers. If I relate to my own experience of VR, this issue is most common when you do sudden and fast moves, and especially in combination with quick elevations and turns, a bit like you would get nausea from in real life. If you just glide forward in a peaceful speed this issue is far more rare. Thanks for the tips about favorites, I will try it out, but I would still love to se video function for VR!

    Hi! Thanks for a great program. I’m using Enscape mostly with Archicad. There is just one thing that I’m really missing.

    When I want to show clients my project in VR i want them to have a smooth experience. To learn them al controls to move around in VR by themselves in the model is a tedious process, and even if I controls the movement it is somewhat jerky and jumpy.

    Creating a video path is the absolute best and way of achieving a smooth ride through the model, but I just realized that it can not be viewed in VR!?, or at least not in the way you want it too ( you can not look around, your view is locked).

    If you could fix this in upcoming update it would be awesome, I bet that other architects and colleagues in the business would be happy about it too!