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    Dear Enscape Team,

    I would like to suggest a clearification in the BIM Information that is brought into Enscape from the ArchiCAD model. Currently there are hundreds of unrelevant lines of info visible in the Enscape BIM window (attachment: AC_BIM info 03.jpg). It would be really useful to have only those lines visible which are dedicated to be seen in ArchiCAD as well.

    In AC it is possible to customize Property info in the property manager (attachment AC_BIM info 01.jpg) and assign them to elements through the classification manager. So only the required properties are visible at the model element panel (attachment: AC_BIM info 02.jpg)

    If Enscape could show only those info lines which are assigned to a model element in AC as well, than in a walk through presentation it would be a huge help to see for example door properties, cost of furniture, etc.

    I hope it was clear what I was trying to say, and maybe you are already working on something to help out.

    Thank you,


    ArchiCAD 22 with Enscape 2.6.0-preview.5+9425

    I encountered a bug with the sun path. No matter which month or day or geographical position I use in ArchiCAD settings, the sun moves in Enscape as if I where at the equator. It is completely above the model, see pictures. If you look at the column on the picture, the shadow has no sideways movement and I can't get any sunlight to the room as well. In ArchiCAD the sun behaves as expected.

    Please fix this issue.