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    Paul Russam , jtubb , hbc_visual , jlo , m0nstertaco I'm happy to inform you that the specific cause behind this issue has been found and we're looking into resolving this issue through an upcoming service pack update or preview. I'll again keep you posted once again when it comes to the actual version releasing with this fix.

    I appreciate all of your patience and especially cooperation. :)

    This is great news! - are you able to share any details about the underlining cause?

    Unfortunately this is still a behavior we're looking into, though it seems to be not as easily reproducible and thus resolvable as we hoped - I'll get together with our developers once more and may have to request further information from anyone who still experiences this. Thanks for a bit more patience once again.

    I'm curious as to what is being tested to try and reproduce the issue. From a performance standing, 3.4 is slow and laggy in our projects.

    Does the community have a standard benchmark scene? Similar to say the Blender classroom scene? It may help with identifying issues that could be hard for the dev team to "reproduce". Issues could be as simple as a driver or hardware updates and having a baseline to compare would help with troubleshooting. At least in theory it makes sense.

    Can Enscape create a simple stress test scene?

    Grizzler , jtubb , Paul Russam , I was not able to reproduce this behavior on my machine but user ADDITIVE was so kind to let me know that using the latest hotfix-release of Enscape (3.4.2) seems to have resolved this problem so far on his machine (With DLSS being turned on of course). Kindly give it a try too if you have the chance, you can always acquire our latest version here as usual. If you still experience any issues afterward, let me know.

    Testing here in our office - It is challenging to reproduce as it seems to be situational. We have found it to also be in select project files but still no ideas to what the cause is. However, we have mostly experienced the effect in versions 3.3 and (3.4 rarely). We found that disabling DLSS did fix it for all cases on version 3.3.
    Our team here unfortunately is reverting back to 3.2 until 3.4 improves on its load time and performance.

    Has anyone tried their low poly enscape assets? I purchased their creepers & vines collection, but half the assets don't even load because it says there are no materials. Curious if anyone else has tried their (enscape optimized) libraries with any success.

    Yup, I have this same pack - works great for us. Haven't encountered the issues you are referencing too. Kinda sounds like it's a pathing issue.

    Unfortunately, Affinity is an Apple app. I need something like this for PC

    Hi there,

    I'm looking for a way to capture a still image from a pano render. Sounds silly as I could just perform a "re-render" but we do post work on all of our renders and trying to save some time. Does anyone know of a resource that will do this?

    Thanks in advance.


    So far i've had two users that have updated to version 3.4 and since then, running enscape in certain sketchup files, Enscape window will open up, struggle to run and Sketchup will crash withe a sketchup crash report window. After uninstalling and downgrading to the last version, it's been running without issues. Anyone else running into this? We're running sketchup 2020

    What GPU do you have and are you able to recreate the crash?
    I have found that if I get an Enscape crash it's due to a lack in VRam. I have permanently disabled the RTX sun shadows as they use so much VRam. Launch your task manager and view your GPU's "Dedicated GPU Memory" if you are close to maxing it out that is most likely your issue.

    Hi Demain!

    Do you mean Enscape can show 256 lights in one shot?

    if I have more than 256 lights in one frame, only 256 lights can be seen. Am I understanding correctly?

    No - 256 refers to the resolution of the shadow map, not the number of lights within a model or camera.

    SketchUp 2021 Pro

    Enscape 3.3

    GPU Drivers are current

    A colleague of mine is experiencing this issue within the Enscape Viewport. It appears to happen if a change occurs that requires Enscape to recalculate. For example, adjusting light settings or adding a new object. The red flash is only present for a brief moment making it seem like its recalculation bug. Oddly enough the issue has occurred in other files but in very rare cases so it's difficult to narrow down what the root cause is.

    Curious to see if anyone else has experienced this before?

    See the image: with quick hands, we got a screen capture :huh:


    DPHORVATH - This type of crash is generally due to a lack of VRam. You can test/confirm by opening your Task Manager and looking at your GPU "Dedicated GPU Memory" This is found under the Performance tab. If you're close to maxing out your PC's VRam before render time you will most like crash as Enscape uses a bit more during the export depending on your Visual settings.

    Sure, no problem! Thank's for your help.
    Let me clear unecessary things up in the model.. Could I send to you through "wetranfer"? If so, could you send me your email address?

    And one more question: Is there any possibility to edit Enscape cutouts?

    I know it can be scaled. But, for instance, I tried to erase some parts of a table enscape cutout. On sketchup, I could seclted ir and erased it. But Enscape didn't recognized and still showed it completely. (image attached)

    I'll DM my email to you.

    you can't edit Enscape objects as they are just proxies.