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    Version 2.8.1+27741

    I've been using the 2.8.1 version for a few weeks and when i go back to an older project I'm having to update the intensity of my normal maps as they are all set at 0%.

    Has anyone experience this?

    The main thing to keep in mind is the only map that you need is the diffuse. All other maps assign to an object wont translate into skp as you will need to manually set up the rest in enscape.

    My workflow lately has been to use a material converter script like was suggested above, export to FBX and use Transmutr to import. I cannot say enough things about how Transmutr has made the importing of non-SKP files easy and painless. The plugin offers the ability to make Enscape proxies directly in the plugin.

    How does the Enscape Proxy work - I have tried this but have had no luck.

    Or the ability to preview from one frame to the next.

    For example, If you have a long sequence with 10 or more frame it was be helpful to preview frames 8-10 then have to preview the entire sequence to see how the transition works.

    So we have a client that is wanting a no cut fly-through...Is there a way to preview a section within the timeline? As i set key-frames toward the end of the sequence it would be nice to fast-foward or jump to the end of the sequence to preview the translation and movement of the camera. Especially when the sequence is over 7 minutes.

    This looks a LOT like the light bleed issue I have in another post. I used this model as a reference example.

    I don't believe this is a light bleeding issue unless that means something different than light leaks. I believe this could be (but certainly depends on how enscape works) a lightmap issue. I don't know if enscape actually produced lightmap similar to other real-time engines but if it does than it may be producing them from a global stay point base on the default sun. I could be completely off here but it make senses that when the camera is in a fully enclosed space the engine is disregarding that and apply lightmap base on the sun and some other really complex technical stuff haha idk it a shot in the dark. =D I'll let the devs state the hypothesis.

    Sure - however the attachment section wont except the file.

    I made a simple 5 minute model and the result are the same. I'm sure internally you can recreate this case study.

    Enscape 2.7.2+23714

    UTC -05:00

    Day time 2:30pm

    Night time 2:30am

    I'd like to see if other users also have this same experience.

    If you have a dropbox link I'll drop in both files.



    Just installed 2.8.1+27741

    I get the same result

    Thank you Paul Russam and jtubb.

    Yes I now have a copy of 3dsMax, although clueless on how to use it.

    Could you give me your thoughts on materials. Vray and Corona come up a lot when viewing models. Will these textures convert easily?

    Thank you in advance.

    I use Vray but either is fine however, if your goal is to get the model into skp from max you will want to convert the materials to standard. depending on the models this can be timely without using a vray to standard material converter. In most case you can export and resign the material in sketchup but you have to do it at the current material level by using the paint bucket to sample a material then go into the edit tab and load a the image map in from the "use texture image". Again this can be a timely method but if done correctly you get what your looking for. There is also some clean up when using the simlabs extension but once you find the work flow its fairly quick. I wish there was a simple way but this is the method that i have found that works.

    3Ds max is great for hyper realism but the models are very dense so you have to simply the content so it does bog down Sketchup. So try to keep that in mind.

    So not sure what the "subject" should be but i noticed something very weird. I was doing a test render but didn't want to build out exterior walls so i went for a more studio warehouse with zero opening to the exterior. In doing so i notice that if the time of day change some does my vacuum interior objects - why? See attached images.

    The 2:30 am (Night) is rendering correctly for an fully enclosed environment. However, the 2:30 pm (mid day) the object appear to be glowing.

    Found this interesting.

    So for the longest time I used the light mode for really nothing but the occasional lighting check but i just discovered the min and max option. Which is interesting - probably a dumb question but what exactly do we do with this mode? Does it play a part with the none (normal render) mode for the auto exposure?
    Just curious.


    So this may or may not be on topic with light leaks but this is the kind of glitch i'm seeing.

    It's not consistent so i don't know what is causing it and it only appears in this area. The view has a lit of contrast with black and white material so i don't know if that is throwing off the auto exposure. I removed the light and the ceiling appears to be self illuminating. Odd as its not in the adjacent views. Sure an update to the latest version "could" fix this maybe error but i can't risk experimenting. So what do you believe is the causing this area to have a brighter than normal ceiling? If i add more lighting or increase the values i starting getting an undesirable look.