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    I know this has been requested ad nauseam, but are the developers any closer to figuring out a way to allow saving visual settings for each scene in Sketchup?

    It's a constant battle to keep adjusting project settings (or create endless variations) to accommodate tweaks to the visual settings.

    I noticed that in the new preview version that there is a function for batch rendering. Great idea, but this wouldn't work for me as almost every scene I create needs different settings, especially exposure and brightness.

    If this issue could be sorted out, Enscape would go from very good to GREAT in my book.

    It would be nice but I have been creating a "settings" folder inside my working project folder call
    "Enscape Settings" and for each and every project I will save out a settings file for active and future edits. Also this file is then accessible to other members in the studio that are working the project.

    We evaluated the implementation of displacement map support already internally and this functionality may actually be released this year (not with 2.7 though), but I'm afraid we cannot make any definite promises just yet. :)

    But, this means that it's still something which is coming eventually!

    That is great! Displacement map support is going to add some positive value to Enscape. Looking forward to it!

    Happy New year everyone! I'm looking forward to pushing the envelope with escape. My clients are quite please with the results that I'm able to yield from this tool. I continue to get request for animation especially with "moving people". Lumion has some nice features but at the moment I'm trying to keep my teams workflow and pipeline in Enscape. Enscape team, what are some new features and or enhancements can we look forward to in the First Quarter of 2020?

    Here is my wish list.

    • Moving assets (people, cars)
    • Batch rendering for animation
    • Render passes for animation
    • AO render pass for all
    • GPU Distributed rendering
    • Ability to update Enscape "scenes"
    • Enscape Light list manager
    • Better lights - especially on placement
    • Camera path manager

    Keep up the work and let your users know what we can expect.

    Its not a flaw in the software it actually because SKP doesn't using unique cameras or specified aspect ratio. Instead SKP relies on the view-port (VP) as its "camera" and the aspect ratio is determined by your toolbar layout. (BIG Problem There). The more tool bars the smaller your VP is and from user to user its always different. When you enable "snyc" the preview will display the view and will also be cropped base on the Enscape capture settings that you set. Which will result in inconstant results as Enscape aspect Ratio is different from SKP VP. You could try making sure you enable "Use VP Aspect Ratio" as I haven't tried this but, the method I have been doing for the past 4 months with my experience with Enscape.

    1) Don't use the sync button - it causes too many headaches also making it impossible to have constantly between different PC/ users b/c of the VP aspect is set by tool bar or monitor specs.

    2) Instead set your views in Enscape and save your visual setting into the project file your working in. This way if you ever need to come back and make an edit you can launch Enscape load the vis file and view the camera from the "manage view" button.

    Its the best solution and offers the most flexibility for me. It allow me to work with different users while having more control on the look of the shot.

    Hopefully this helps.

    Update from my exp: I'm getting much better results with the setting set to ultra. The trade off is much long render times especially video at HD level. There are limitation such as no bounced reflections or reflection within a reflection but, that is realtime rendering for you.

    I've been having a number of requests to do videos and Enscape is pretty great but lets add some more value to it.

    First, is there a performance different when render Lossless or Maximum? (png vs Mp4) I personally don't see any but its worth asking.

    Two-parter request:
    1) Object IDs

    I've always like the benefit of image sequence exports as render farms can chewed through an animation. With Enscape having this feature it nice but its lacking as, at the moment or to my knowledge there isn't an batch or render management tool that would really benefit from this. With longer camera paths and higher settings, video exports can really take some time and if it were to crash mid render (hasn't happened to me) there isn't a way to render by frame range, you have to re-render the whole path.

    So by having the option to export out images is there a why to have it include the other render passes? What other benefit is there?

    2) Time range export

    Without a long explanations - Lets say a section of a model changes and is only seen at the end of a camera path. It would be beatification to render out the last few secs than having to re-render out the whole path as it could take a large amount of time depending on the length etc. If this exists please tell me how or where -

    Yup, have to confirm. It is possible you experience a slight improvement compared to a single graphics card, but nowhere near anything like twice as good performance or anything.

    For a real-time rendering software not relying on pre-baking lights or anything like that it is extremely difficult to manage VRAM properly on two graphics cards. We have this feature filed as feature request, though, so I have added your remarks as votes.

    What about when rendering a video - is the boost there or could there in a future update? #featurerequest

    So I'm really enjoin the ability to have unique setting for camera paths with different time of day and focal length settings. One that would be really great addition is have the ability to turn on and off two point perspective. Having to do this is the global setting is hard when you have say more that 10 unique paths files. Sometimes its nice to have this flexibility for tilting shots as the appear taller and more dynamic.

    SketchUp has never been a tool for animation. I believe there are some extensions that work but not sure. For animated assets you really better off using Luimon and I don't see Enscape getting this functionality for a while or until sketchup add the ability. I curious what other have found on this as my client have a need for motion base assets.