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    DPHORVATH - This type of crash is generally due to a lack of VRam. You can test/confirm by opening your Task Manager and looking at your GPU "Dedicated GPU Memory" This is found under the Performance tab. If you're close to maxing out your PC's VRam before render time you will most like crash as Enscape uses a bit more during the export depending on your Visual settings.

    Sure, no problem! Thank's for your help.
    Let me clear unecessary things up in the model.. Could I send to you through "wetranfer"? If so, could you send me your email address?

    And one more question: Is there any possibility to edit Enscape cutouts?

    I know it can be scaled. But, for instance, I tried to erase some parts of a table enscape cutout. On sketchup, I could seclted ir and erased it. But Enscape didn't recognized and still showed it completely. (image attached)

    I'll DM my email to you.

    you can't edit Enscape objects as they are just proxies.

    the model looks great - you need to now add in some Enscape lights.

    Red lights are primary

    Blue accents, Set them off-screen (light value should be lower than red lights)

    Have you made adjustments to your visual settings?

    Coming back to this - What do you mean by killing your machine?

    I've started using high-poly assets (specifically trees) combined with Globeplants etc and my performance on an RTX 3090 is fine. Now with the latest Enscape, I have to disable the RTX Shadows which is a fair trade.


    I'm using the latest version of Enscape (3.3) and the png transparency is displaying as white (instead of transparent).

    Please see the screenshot below for an example. As I try to render leaves for a tree, in SU it shows correctly (transparency alpha channel is transparent), but in Enscape there is a white box surrounding the leaves. What should I do to resolve this?

    I cant see your image and you re attach it. My initial thought is the png file doesn't have an alpha channel.

    that's not it, it turns out after I tried everything.

    the problem is when the 3d model is in a group when I explode the model there is no group anymore. ies effect looks good

    Interesting - can you share what your end result is now? I used your IES map in my test was got a similar result to your first post. I'm curious now.

    I just sent in a note about this topic. I had to drop back to 3.2 as VR was not detecting our Oculus Quest - has this been resolved?

    Just heard back - I need to install SteamVR. I'll give this a go later in the week.

    Been looking potentially at upgrading to a 3080 and have been set on the 12GB variant. But damn, if this crashes a 3090 with 24GB....damn.

    I still believe the 3090 is the best card to have. The 3080 will most certainly get the job done. This is the first time that I have maxed out the 3090. Enscape integration of path tracing "sun shadow" is a major step in the right direction. However, the impact on skatter elements calls for more creative workflows. I have some workaround ideas, but I would love to see a hybrid solution that integrates 2.9 and 3.3. Such as turning off RTX sun support but keeping RTX reflections.

    Great examples:

    This is a project I did last summer with 2.9 using a 3090. A rough estimate was maybe just under 14GB of VRAM. The entire project was contained in one model making rendering simpler. I believe this is where Enscape shines the brightest. With the latest build, I can not run this model with RTX enabled.

    Here is another project built with 2.9 where the size and scope are twice that of the video above. Again, a well-optimized model in one project file 14GB of VRAM. You can see the density of this project within the marketing renders shown on the website. Again with 3.3, I can't enable RTX without a crash.

    (Our scope was only exterior so interior content shown was a different firm.)

    I have several other projects that are similar, and built with 2.9 that could be viewed with RTX however, the new Sun support nerfs the card causing me to disable it.

    So the project that started this thread turned out stellar even with RTX disabled. Reflection quality took a hit, but still the team was happy with the result. The dev team could probably better explain or share more details about what the RTX settings are doing. Sure would love to see some option settings if possible. =D