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    I'm playing with the animation aspect of Enscape and I'm running into what I hope a simple issue. I'm trying to build multiple camera paths but when I do enscape links them together. "See image" - you can see there are two linear camera paths but there is a path that is connected them and I don't want this. What is the best approach to have multiple linear paths?


    Yeah its still hit or miss. In some case when I launch the viewer I click the "render image" button to get the safe frame to show. But, depending on how enscape is feeling at that moment it won't work and the save file explorer window will pop up to save the render. Still in all cases the Safe frame option in settings doesn't work.
    I'm on version build 2.5.19204.1337

    I see the new preview version is available. I'm a new user to enscape so if i install the new preview version am I able to revert back if its to bugy?

    When I check "show safe frame" it never works and the Preview feature before render that would show the safe frame works 50% of the time. I suppose this is a bug?