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    If you asking how to achieve a velvet look this is a gGreat tutorial:

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    I would check your GPU load. In almost all cases (for me) if I experience a crash during enscape loading it's due to not enough VRam. This was when I was on a RTX 2080 (12gb VRAM) Happened quite often as the project scales I deal with are quite large. After upgrading to the RTX 3090 with 24gb of VRAM I haven't had a single issue.

    The RTX4000 only supports 8gbs of VRam. - as a full-time viz artist this is not nearly enough.

    You can quickly see if this is your issue by viewing the Task Manager - Performance - GPU - Dedicated GPU Memory. If you at 90-95% full you may or may not crash at load time but you will for the sure crash at render time.

    Check that first if it not overloading the GPU then it could be something more technical and maybe one of the Devs here on the forum can better answer.

    But generally crashes for me at loadtime are VRam related.

    So this isn't something that is possible with Enscape as it is a limitation of SketchUp. Your best option is to render two videos one with the door open and one closed. Then use a video editor to splice them together where you need to show the openings.

    I don't have relief either with my displacement map (for very rough concrete). It's a PBR texture from ShareTextures. Just the shadow, but flat, with no relief.

    Please share a photo.
    The thing to remember is that with Enscape you won't see a tessellated displacement. Enscape uses a parallax displacement method that is more optimized for real-time engines. So upclose the texture will appear flat.

    yes, this is really annoying

    many times we have to modify the model or make some adjustments and render it again

    and plenty of times the clouds/lighting has changed and we have to change the time of day again for all of the scenes, to match the original renders

    Okay so maybe the Devs can share what is causing this.

    Typically I just brush this off or make the sky completely clear but I think it's time to ask.
    There are times I like using the default sky settings with a medium density of clouds or just complete default. However, the issue is each time I reload a project with the saved setting the clouds shift position completely changing my lighting. See attached save same loaded and completely different environment result.

    Nonetheless, the sky system is the default so why is it changing?

    Edit: In case anyone asks - no, the time of day or "shadow" settings via Sketchup or any settings location etc in Sketchup have been altered.

    Does anyone else experience this issue where the clouds shift

    So, I've haven't run into this issue before so I'm not entirely sure if it's isolated yet. I'm using an IES map that I use often and in this situation, the map appears to load and unload depending on the camera distance. Is this a normal behavior?

    This only appears in this location of the model.


    So did some troubleshooting and completely rebuilt the light fixture and now getting a different result. Also, take note of the camera distance in example 2 Its much further and the map loads and unloads based on camera position.

    See Lighting 2.gif

    How much control do you get with Giga Pixel? The results are very impressive. I do notice in some areas mostly corners or inside edges some clamping of the ambient occlusion resulting in bold lines. Is there any control to reduce this?
    Nonetheless great results.

    So my initial thought to this is that the Scale of the grass is off and with improper scale, the realism is lost. I believe you can make a solid agreement with your boss about the use of Enscape however, the same argument can be made with D5 Render. Today all render engines are amazing and it really comes down to experience and understanding of details. Rendering is an art form and like good artists, you need good references to blur the line or what one thinks is real and what looks real.
    You can look at both galleries of Enscape and D5 and you'll see that the quality exists in either engine. I personally don't have experience using D5 but with Enscape the grass function is simple and looks great. Realism is subjective and, personally, if your boss believes the example you have shared to be realistic then we are at opposite ends of that spectrum. This is of course no offense to the creator of this render (you or your boss). I have clients that have taken with I believe to be quite a compelling image and wrap it into an over-saturated mess but to them, it was "realistic"

    Enscape is great and with one click can produce good results. However, to get an image that you see published on Enscape or some Arch blog websites there are thousands of clicks being made.

    Define realistic? Can you share some render examples that your company is currently producing that have "Realistic" grass? Also, what is render engine is your company currently using?

    Hello! Are there any updates on this? I need to render multiple panos for a school assignment that is due very very soon HAHAHA +100000!!

    Ahhhh I see even with the incredible speed of Enscape school deadlines still present their challenges. :S
    Best of luck - If it makes you feel better Enscape wasn't around and my college laptop was a turd with 2 core processes with 8gb of ram. =O


    Edit: - Post in English so more can help.

    Hola, que tal!!?? Me está pasando lo siguinte: Todas las funciones de enscape me corren bien, los assets, las luces, etc. El tema es cuando doy arranque al plugin de Enscape se me apaga la pantalla, el PC sigue funcionando pero la pantalla no. No se como resolverlo, si es una configuración de pantalla o la energía de la fuente o una configuración de Enscape mismo.

    Agradecería que me pudieran ayudar, muchas gracias. Saludos

    Hi how are things!!?? The following is happening to me: All the enscape functions work fine for me, the assets, the lights, etc. The issue is when I start the Enscape plugin, the screen turns off, the PC continues to work but the screen does not. I don't know how to solve it, if it's a display setting or the power of the source or a setting of Enscape itself.

    I would appreciate it if you could help me, thank you very much. Greetings"

    I would start by restarting your machine and check cable connections. Next, I would make sure the graphics card has the latest drivers and updates.