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    I'd "downgrade" back to 2019 if I could but then all of my projects wouldn't open. Something I've always hated about "upgrading" to new SU releases- backward compatibility.

    In a blind test, I bet 9/10 people wouldn't know which version is which- aside from the default 2D character.

    100% - Personally I left SKP for 3ds Max back in 2012 and picked it back up in 2019 and nothing has really changed except for the default scale figure. :D

    Agreed - Autodesk is a poor example to compare to Chaos Group. Again I believe this will result in a very similar situation when Epic Games acquire TwinMotion.
    I'm under the impression you either, haven't used VRay or had some kind of bad experience?

    Take a look at how Chaos treated the Blender and Modo integrations of V-Ray. Yes, there is a bright shiny future for Enscape based real-time rendering, but it will cost a pretty penny, and good luck seeing it on other design software platforms.

    What do you mean by "treated"?
    The integration of an API is different than this situation.

    Each one of the examples I listed above had no negative impacts on integration. Sure the cost of Enscpae will increase but that is expected especially if they make improvements to the software. Currently, the cost between the two software options is pretty marginal (VRay more expensive of course.)

    jtubb Or the opposite happens, I.E. the roadmap stays the same for the year and then the higher ups think they can milk the subscription of a combined program more than the two separate ones. So Enscape (the smaller company) dissolves with a few of the its more popular features getting tacked onto v-ray and price of v-ray goes up.

    It's normal for feelings of uncertainty with an announcement like this but it's very unlikely they will dissolve Enscape. There are many positives for both companies to benefit from as they are completely different. They are both visualization tools however one specializes in raytracing and the other in real-time . Their weaknesses are the opposites of each other. Chaos certainly has more capital but they will gain nothing by dissolving Enscape.

    A few examples of past industry mergers/acquisitions:

    2008, Twinmotion was acquired by Epic Games and now is cross-compatible with Unreal Engine.

    2017, Legion and Chaos Merged now providing asset compatibility

    2019, Allegorithmicmerged was acquired by Adobe the branding of the software changed and pricing decreased.

    This is exciting however, when will users learn more detailed information?
    Anytime a merger occurs not a whole lot happens for a while. I would imagine the roadmap for Enscape will remain the same for this year. I also imagine that Enscape's internal resources will expand greatly with access to Chaos Group (VRay) and Render Legion (Corona). Both are true leaders in the Archviz space. This means (speculating here) A version of Enscape for more advanced DDTs (3Ds Max, Blender etc) is or may be possible. Also, vase improvements to raytracing and fingers crossed fully HDRI support.

    Interested to hear the true vision of the merge - Please don't leave us in the dark for too long.

    A few of thoughts:
    What happens if you delete the two rebels and perform a new copy?

    It may be possible that the "copy path" is not 100% parallel with the wall. Try pulling the two rebel lights slightly off the wall and see if there is any improvement.

    Last relaunch Enscape

    It's a huge waste of time to delete Enscape / Dates in the batch render file names one by one when the render files are linked to InDeisgn / Photoshop. . I will be glad if I just missed an option to turn that off.

    If not, could you please add an option to batch render and make the file names only as the scene name.

    For this very reason I don't use the batch feature. Having no control or overwrite over the file naming convention makes the batch feature unproductive.
    I do Post Process on every render and I use Photoshop's link feature to make the process somewhat nondestructive. Due to a auto generated file naming convention Enscape uses I find zero value in it as I would have to manually edit the file names to maintain the established links. This is fine for one or two renders but not 10-15

    A perfect and very simple solution is adopt the camera/scene name. This is what also every professional dds/render engine software does. Do this and the Batch function will have far more value to users.

    Here is my quick attempt. I do agree frosted/transparent materials need some focus in Enscape.

    Lighting and depth of field help. Transparent materials tend to have too much noise so the DOF helps to blur it a bit more.

    The glass top is made with two material

    The top face is a Enscape basic frosted material

    The rest is a foliage type material

    Material 1:

    Material 2:

    Hello everyone, I have attached a quick screen shot of a nightstand I have designed and I want to create a white frosted glass top for it. As you can see it has the glass texture on it and I want to have it look like "white frosted glass" I have changed the opacity but I want it to be white? I have tried a few ways but none of them get the look I am after? I tried a white tint, but still not great. Does anyone have some helpful tips?

    Thanks alot!! I hope to hear from someone soon :)


    Can you share a reference image of what you are trying to achieve?