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    1. Is a RTX3060 with 12GB VRAM ever better than a RTX3070 8GB VRAM, for Enscape? The RTX3060 12GB is slower in fillrate, and for videogames RTX3070 8GB is considered more balanced, but does Enscape need more VRAM than videogames… such that, for Enscape, is the RTX3060 12GB ever considered more balanced because of the VRAM (would the RTX3070 8GB be bottlenecked by its VRAM in Enscape)?

    (Enscape’s system requirements are listed here as 4GB VRAM minimum and 8GB VRAM on the high end, but many forum threads seem to mention 8GB VRAM as more of a recommended minimum with more than 8GB being better?)

    I do small-to-medium size models (interiors & houses) but would like to do larger models (multi-floor towers or one airport terminal size bldg) if a RTX3060 12GB or RTX3070 8GB would allow it, maybe with some optimizing. I do videos and realtime walkthroughs in 1080p, with no 4k, 8k or VR; and may like to do stereoscopic video generation but not as top priority.

    2. Does Enscape use shared VRAM when GPU onboard VRAM is all used up (at the cost of slower performance), or is GPU onboard VRAM a hard limit you can’t go above in the size of your scenes (Enscape will eventually crash)? My impression is that it’s the second, is this correct?

    (I'm limiting my GPU choice to RTX3060 12GB and RTX3070 8GB because of budget and because RTX4xxx will use too much power for the PSU. System RAM is 16GB, and CPU is Ryzen 1700x.)

    Many thanks!