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    We have been having an issue in our office the last couple weeks with High Quality Renders not rendering to an Image File.

    Describing the issue we can bring up the view rendered in High in Enscape but when we click “Render Image” and select our file location the bottom Meter comes up but never moves. We have left it on for hours and no movement. We are using Revit 2018.3. This issue is on every computer in the office we attempt it with.

    This isn’t an issue with Sketch Up; High Quality renders fine. Also we can get Draft Setting to work on fine on Revit. We have tried uninstalling Enscape on every computer but the problem persists.

    The file is a pretty big one but it was working fine for months until a weekend a couple weeks ago. I have purged out Worksets and model links we don’t need for Renders in this Render specific model. It might coincide with our IT downloading Enscape 2.6 but I’m not sure.

    Ideas we have:

    RAM issues? Our computers say it is suing about 78% of our RAM space with the model up and Enscape. Is that too much to complete a Render to image?

    Issues with Enscape 2.6 and Revit 2018.3? Has anybody heard of others having these issues?

    Any help on this matter would be greatly appreciated!


    I was able to get it to work. Basically I just had to make a new wall from scratch as generic, simply changing the wall to that type wouldn't work but deleting the wall and putting the exact same new wall in it's place would work. Not sure why at all, but did that and had to re-associate all the equipment I had attached to the walls and then it would render.


    Thank you for the response! Unfortunately it is a huge Cloud based model shared between multiple firms for a large high school remodel, so sending it wouldn't work.

    And yes the Appearance Tab is selected. I did change thew wall finish to one that is working elsewhere and it's still not working, but one thought is it is a very thin wall (3/8") as for tile in this project we made a separate thin wall type that we attached to walls because in some areas the tile doesn't go up all the way. The fact that another material working else where not working here make me wonder if the thinness of the wall is an issue. I haven't changed the wall yet to see because there are items hosted to the walls. Have you heard of a Wall being too thin being an issue?

    Obviously other thin objects seem to work fine with material but I'm wondering is a wall specifically attached to a wall behind it has issues? I'm just spitballing here, as I am at a loss.

    I can not for the life of me find out why this wall tile will not Render. I've been trying to find the solutions through various posts on this forum, but not finding the answer. Screen shots are below but we have some ceramic wall tile in a Servery that keeps rendering flat. I am using an image file, I have tried multiple images and it never renders. All the other materials are rendering fine throughout the building. The last image is me taking an existing brick material that renders and trying to change to the tile for this room, but still didn't work. Please let me know if there is something I am missing that anybody sees.

    I am using Revit 2018.3 and Enscape 2.5.3