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    We model "standard" homes (as opposed to glitzy glass boxes), so items such as sofas, beds, wardrobes, coffee tables etc would be great. Our models are full construction packs, so Revit files are already many 100s MBs - don't want to model these items if possible.

    + 1000000 for interior furniture (standard stuff from the high street, rather than architect designed).

    Hey Scottofazphx - I just checked out your render of the lounge room in the gallery - its awesome! Can I ask, what did you use for the sofa / other furniture / light pendants etc.? Are these models or RPC? Do you have a movie / walk through animation?

    I'm desperate to generate walk throughs - both pre-rendered and VR / real time for my work - however furniture and entourage in general is really letting my work down. Any help would be hugely appreciated!

    Enscape - fantastic! The images shown in the gallery have really inspired me - just need a helping hand beyond the basics to get going...