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    oh yes you´re right, we stabdalone use draft mode! i wwas making a model in high quality mode and wanted to have that quality also in web. Ok then I will check the settings in draft mode, since this quality is exported online.

    About the panoramas, they already look great, but if there are other web softwares for viewing them, I would liek to try, are there any you would recommend? :)

    Thank you for the answers


    WEB STANDALONE: I export my renderings to web standalone for an online walkthrough, but it doesn´t export with my ambient settings. It is like that to speed the process up or did I do something wrong?

    A walk throgh web is also pretty slow, how could we speed it up. Does it depends on the webrowser speed or more on the export quality?

    3D PANORAMA: 3d panoramas are somehow too wide, could I affect it and change it, so that would be more realistic, or it just is at it is? :)



    Sorry, I think there was some relavant topic already open, but I don´t find it. I installed enscape (in the main administrator account) for multiple users and I see it in the installed softwares on the subacounts, but I still don´t see it in Archicad. I read this: Enable Enscape in CAD - Enscape ( but there is no enscape among the archiad pallets. I also don´t see it when I search for it in Archicad work environment.

    Anyone knows what could I do wrong?


    Ah! Good to hear! Unfortunately Archicad 25 crashes when I try to place assets from Enscape 3.2 so I had to downgrade to 3.1 untill that issue is solved.

    Hi! My Archicad 25 (the latest 4013 update) was also crashing with 3.2 version, but then I updated to the latest one ( 3.2.0+65063) and it works perfectly. If you haven´t tried the latest 3.2 version, try, maybe it won´t crash anymore.


    Do we maybe have some preset library?

    or would anyone be willing to share some. If not, it would be cool that we would have some debate dedicated to the presets, where people would publish nice renders and the presets with it. So we can import and adjust to our renders and learn from each other :)


    I am wondering how should Enscape be installed in the ADMIN computer account so that all subaccounts would have this installation also? A computer is used by multiple users, and softwares are installed in the main admin account which allows that all the users can use its software, after logging into a subaccount. Somehow it doesn´t work with escape (we don´t see it in subaccount archicad and not even in the installation Program FIles folder, and we need to install it on every subaccount also. Does anyone have any experience with it? It works with other Archicad plugins though...

    Thank you!

    You can change the sun position by changing the daytime in Enscape. For this you can use the keys U and I, or Shift + Right Mouse Button + Moving the mouse.

    If you just did this so far, the Home / Pos1 button won't do anything.

    However, you can move the sun away from its natural trajectory by using Shift + U / I and CTRL + U / I. This way you can move the sun anywhere you like. If you did this, to return the sun to it's natural position (according to the currently selected daytime) you press the Home / Pos1 button.

    You can see the exact time in Enscape in the bottom right corner while changing the daytime. This can be used in combination with the Vectorworks Heliodon tool to set up the time of your choice as described in this Knowledgebase article

    Hope this helps!

    Hi! I see the hour at the bottom right and can then choose the same in Archicad and that´s how the sun position is saved. In Enscape I can also change with SHIFT+U, is there also a way to see where exactly is the sun then, so I can save it in Archicad?

    Not sure if I requested this feature already, but it would be very nice to be able to save the sun position in view management or to have it synhronized with Archicad, meaning I change it in Enscape and would be saved in Archicad also.

    Hi! Somehow pos1 with fn (functional key doesn´t work) to reset the sun position. I tested and this button (pos1) works in other applications. Could you (in case you have a similar laptop with functional keys) test it if it rly works? It could be an issue just with me or with all laptops with smaller keyboards and functional keys? :)

    Is there any other way to reset the sun position without a shortcut?

    Thank you!!

    ok, my last comment considering crypto :) it is true that proof of work in cryptocurrency is an issue if nongreen electricity is used. but not all of crypto need proof of work (mining). There are cloud-based cryptos also and cryptos based on proof of stake (no mining needed). Meaning that NFT-s can be sustainable, is just the matter of the blockchain technology used ...

    and about your concern about the environmental impact of bitcoin, I agree, it´s not perfect, but it´s still using way less energy than any current banking system ...…ental-impact-f56b18014f64 (an old article, but just to present how bitcoin energy consumption information can be very misleading).

    Blockchain could also save billions the government at the moment uses for our data protection (which is not and could never be saved as it could be if supported with the blockchain).

    There are really a million reasons, how could blockchain be used for good, but it being a playtoy for millionaires is somehow putting a bad light on the whole concept of the blockchain.

    oh a blockchain hater here? :) I hardly disagree with your opinion, but this forum is not a place for this kind of debate :) I´ll post this video though:

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    you can watch if you want :)

    Hi, thank you for answering, weird, but post button really doesn´t work with me, after changing the sun position. Maybe is something wrong with my keyboard hah. But I can also just close click to another view and back to the chosen one and resets the sun :)

    Hi, thank you for answering! and what should happen, should it put it back to the position I have each time I freshly open Enscape? because I press this button and nothing happens, do I maybe need to press any other button with it, as for example strg or something?

    Do you maybe also know if it´s possible to see the exact time and angle setting in enscape, so I can then choose the same in Archicad? Because I can save the sun position in Archicad but not in Enscape view management.

    Tnx! :)

    I don´t want to promote other render applications, because I do think Enscape is far the best package, but lights in Lumion for example could be used as a reference :) From the view of placing them and setting the illuminance etc.