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    is it possible to have Enscape Library available offline, like Assets? Somehow downloading each separately is pretty slow..

    And if anyone by any chance knows, if is it possible to link it then to Archicad as a separate group (so it is not mixed all together with Archicad default textures).



    How can I set exactly the same ortographic views as I have in Archicad? Somehow I have a different angle in Enscape as in Archicad (Perspective views are all synchronized directly correctly). Maybe I´m doing someting wrong?

    I would like to make Enscape-rendered sections/Elevations, so I could then overlap them with 2D vector-lined Elevations from Archicad.

    Tnx for help!

    Btw, it would be cool to have an option to search among these threads, so I could easily see if anyone already started a similar topic.


    CPU: i7-9850H CPU @ 2.60GHz 2.59 GHz, RAM 32GB, SSD, GPU: AMD Radeon 8GB. Archicad modelling works fast, I can also fast put all objects from Enscape Asset Library, but as soon as I open Enscape (I can walk through Enscape windows fast though), Archicad 3d modelling becomes slow (also on low Enscape quality). The workaround I use now is that I close Enscape, do all the modelling and open for previews only.

    I guess my computer specifications are good enough, or? I also used other render tools (such as Lumion, which is turned off constantly next to Archicad), and there is no slowdown in Archicad.

    Btw, since I´m here (not with this topic connected), but do you maybe know (I haven´t found out), if it´s possible to walk through closed doors in Enscape (from Archiacad) in a walk mode?

    Thank you!!

    Hi, is it possible to have enscape open (live sync is turned off) in a way that it´s not slowing Archicad down?

    With small files works ok, but with big ones Archicad becomes slow (even with low image quality in Enscape). When I

    shut Enscape, Archicad becomes fast again and I can place the objects from Enscape normally. That´s fine, but would be easier,

    if I woudnt have to turn off and on Enscape so often.

    Thank your for any recommendations/help.

    Hii! Are there ome webpages with objects in the right format to import to Enscape through custom assets? And is there maybe an option to customize (resize) existing objects from Enscape in custom assets? If there is any kind of workaround, for example that we export an object and then import to custom asset to remodel it?

    thank you for anwering :)


    Is it possible to change floorplan presentation of objects in Archicad? I can't actually even change the colour, or did I miss something?

    Do you maybe also know if it's possible to even change the whole floorplan image of an object with some other?

    Already a simplified linedrawing of objects would be ok, there are too many lines now and I am thinking if it would be possible to edit objects in a way, that we would use them also in final 2D plans from Archicad and avoid double work.

    If this question was already asked, I apologize and if you refer e to the existing thread, I will delete this one.

    Thank you


    still doesn't work, unfortunately.

    I uninstalled Enscape and also deleted the folders:



    C:\Program Files\Enscape

    Then I freshly installed Enscape 2.7 (for all users) and tried to add extension manually, but I see the note in Add-on Archicad Manager: " The file is an outdated Add-On that cannot be used with this ARCHICAD version"

    And when I try to import, I get this note:

    I think, I would need to update Archicad and will work. So, for now I will use the older working version of Enscape. When I update Archicad and if still wouldn't work, will write to you.

    Thank you.

    Oh, I dont' know where is the issue.

    I uninstalled previous version of Enscape with Revo uninstaller (to clean it all completely), installed a new one for ALL USERS and I stil can not see Enscape in Archicad toolba/pallets.

    I am using Archicad 22.

    Enscape dissapeared from Archicad toolbar


    I have a question, hope is not stupid, but:

    I updated Enscape and it dissappeared from Archicad toolbar,

    does anyone know where did it go?

    When I downgrade to older version, I get enscape back in the toolbar ...


    Ya I tried fog, but makes everything less visible.

    Anyway, I think i'ts not possible to set all object that are for example 30 or more meters in back to make more transparent.

    But could be solved with some 50% transparent board in the model.

    For example, I make a section and the objects where the section is made is important, everything in the background I would like to have more transparent, or less saturated, something that would visually be shown, it is not so important.


    is there any way to set the rendering, that more distant objects less would be less visible? I would like to use it in the section, where objects in the background (that are less important) are disturbing the clarity of the picture. I would like to make them less visible:)

    Thank you for any tips!

    tjasak Do you mean to have simplified 2D representations of the assets when in a floorplan view in ArchiCAD? If so, we do also have a story regarding this feature in our developer agenda.

    Sorry, I can't open the car Tikos, but that's nto what I meant, I think. I meant exactly this what Pete wrote: simplified 2D representations of the assets when in a floorplan view in ArchiCAD.

    But if possible, would be great also if we can then change 2D presentation symbol to any custom made, like we can do with other Archicad objects.

    Thank you.


    I have one more suggestion, with which we could integrate Enscape in Archicad design plans more effectively.

    It would be very handy if we could open Enscape objects and change floorplan symbol and just use them in our Archicad model, to avoid double work between floorplans and 3d render.

    Thank you, keep doing a good work :)