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REMINDER! If you encounter any issues with Enscape (e.g. crashes, installation problems) or your subscription please reach out to our dedicated support team directly through the Help Center or by using the Support button as detailed HERE! Thank you for your understanding.

    Very happy to see an improved alpha channel. I just did a project a couple weeks ago where I needed this and had to avoid transparency for this reason. (for example)

    Along with this can you please also give us the option to pick which channels are exported! It's a pain having to delete all the extra channel images when you usually just need the alpha.

    Now, if you really want to do this right way, we also the option for 2d backgrounds and/or the ability to pick the background color for the diffuse channel (or separate alternate diffuse export). You typically want to use a black background to avoid color contamination.

    ... Also, and dare I ask, can we please get a Shadow Matte material/option too? One can wish, I guess!

    P.S. Ok, going for broke! Please also add embedded alpha option for TIFF/PNG or PSD with all channels saved. :thumbsup:

    Hey Enscape dev team, just realized that translucency is completely lost on objects that have thickness (non-single sided) when ray-traced sun shadows are turned on. Just realized it after re-rendering this previous scene. See example below. Plants/umbrellas/banners/etc all look dark and pretty dead now.

    This unfortunately makes that feature completely unusable for me. Can this be fixed?

    Without ray-traced sun shadows. (pre 3.1)

    With ray-traced shadows on (3.1 - 3.2)

    Glad to see you're looking for input with the asset library.

    The one thing I don't see on this survey, and still the biggest hindrance to finding things quickly, is the incredibly slow loading of the thumbnail images! It's just so painful having to wait the 5/10+ minutes per category, seemingly all the time, to use the asset library, that seems to get reset after each new build/preview. Especially in comparison with nearly every other renderer asset library system, like Vray Cosmos, Lumion, D5, ect.

    Also, to go along with my survey response, you guys are still missing a lot of the most typically used landscape design tress/shrubs/plants. Especially for North America. See attached images for common examples I'd certainly recommend.

    Would also really wish to see more realistic/high quality plants with more varying species/ages/sizes/seasons. (example Spring/flowering, Summer, Autumn Maples/Viburnums/Redbuds/etc)

    Thanks for the info The Pixel Artist . Are you generally also still in touch with support regarding this subject?

    No problem. Yeah, supports been great. (Thanks Lautaro!) Support/devs were the ones that came up with that workaround.

    On that note, another update, this issue now seems to be completely fixed with the latest (or maybe still to come) 3.1.0+51825 hotfix. I've been able to turn all RTX features back on!

    I also gotta say the performance with 3.1 and DLSS is awesome! The raytraced sun shadows look fantastic too. That said, I think there might be some issues with raytraced sun shadows and folage/translucency materials, but I'll maybe add that to another bug post.

    I haven't been able to run any of the preview builds after 3.1 preview+8 (9,10, or 11) with the RTX options on without Enscape crashing at load up. (at 5% everytime)

    I've got a Titan RTX, Win10 Pro, SU2020, and using the latest NV471.11 drivers. Enscape will load if I turn the main RTX option off. However, unchecking any of the sub RTX options doesn't help either. I don't get any drivers errors from Enscape either. It either just disappear after 5% or it'll lock SU up as well after a couple tries.

    I've trying everything short of reinstalling windows (even upgraded to windows 21H!), reinstalled drivers, tried the studio drivers, reinstalled Enscape a couple times, and then installed a new copy of SU2021 but still the same problem. ||

    I'm sorry, it looks like the image was not attached properly - could you kindly try that again? :) Also, do you now experience this problem in our full release Enscape 2.9 as well? Thanks a lot in advance.

    I'll definitely let you know if I see it pop up again in the full 2.9 release (congrats on that, btw!). It's been a fairly rare issue and seemed to happen more often in previous releases. I'll cross my fingers that it's finally fixed in this new release.

    That said, I've got a question. Why does Enscape copy textures to a temp folder instead on just using the original in it's actual location? Also, why does it append the texture name with a "_0, _1, _2, etc" every time you update the texture in the SU materials? (see attached screen shots). I tweak my textures a lot in Pshop and then reload them into SU and Enscape makes a new temp copy each time. This just seems real source for potential problem with broken links. (like the issue I described)


    I've actually seen this issue pop up here and there in other scenes, probably since 2.7. With each new release I think it's gone, then randomly pops up again.

    Anyhow, as seen in the attached screenshot, after reopening a scene (which had crashed) one of my mats "Bldg Trim" now has an incorrect texture image assigned in the Enscape material (from one of the library plants, it seems). The correct texture image is still applied on the Sketchup material.

    Not a huge issue, but certainly annoying! Let me know if you need any other info.

    Windows 10 Pro

    Sketchup 2020 Pro (current version)

    Enscape 2.9+6

    Yeah, I'm also having this issue with preview 6 when trying to render with Two-Point projection.

    Wasn't having this issue at first with several previous renders. Then after adjusting the view and saving a new scene (with the Enscape create scene button) the camera now shifts during rendering (looks fine in the viewport and during the safe frame preview).

    WIndows 10 Pro

    Sketchup Pro 2020 (current version)

    Nvidia Titan RTX (current drivers)