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    I have been given the keys to the Revit template so that I can build in better "out-of-the-box" materials. I have read in the past that Revit's category materials such as "metal", "glass", "masonry" are not very good for rendering in Enscape, or having much control in general over rendered appearance.

    Is there a simple way to replace these types of appearances with "generic" category and build from there?

    I think it's because Sketchup geometry doesn't have a thickness, so when you look at the backside of the surface normal it is transparent. Check your model's surface orientation where you have issues.

    When you are in the custom asset menu there are x,y,z dimensions at the top right. If you live in the US you will have to Google "6ft to meters" for example, and use that value. Choose the dimension you know and the others will follow.

    I've run into issues like this as well. I went so far as to find my own 3D character artist and get a quote. The quote was quite reasonable for the amount of effort it would have been, yet I do not control the firm's budget, and it never happened. To give you an idea, $150-250 per character (on the cheap end).

    Not at the moment. The ability to have animated textures (and in turn also some animated fire) in Enscape is something which has been demanded before, so I'm adding your upvote to the existing feature request. :)

    Is it possible to set a "cutout" material which is a black and white video of the negative space of a fire video material?

    EDIT: Found maybe the easiest way to add frames in between existing.

    While in Video Editor, press ESC to exit the current keyframe and see the camera path, then drop an orange camera on the path in between the frames in question. Then you can preview that keyframe and use Update and Timestamp to place it correctly.

    I'm having trouble doing much with the Enscape timeline. It's great the first time you create the keyframes and timestamping works well, but when the designers want to add 5 new rooms at various points in the path, I'm finding it impossible to deal with while trying to add keyframes in between existing.

    The workaround of stretching the window across 2 monitors only works to an extent.

    The workaround of opening the text file is tedious and requires a lot of mental math. (Anyone reading this, don't modify the .xml file in Excel or it will crash Revit. Ask me how I know.)

    Utilities that deals with keyframes better would save me hours/year.

    1. It would be nice to select the last 30 frames for example and batch add 20 seconds to each.

    2. Maybe to supplement the "+" tool between frames, add a tool where you can specify the # frame and it can insert it accordingly.

    3. A zoom in/out similar to most softwares with the little mountain slider would be useful to grab in between frames.

    From a distance my material looks pretty nice (Fig. 1), but the corners look really weird because the wall's hard line is preserved (Fig. 2).

    Is there a way I can get my Enscape in Revit corners to wrap the displacement map? (Fig. 3)

    Fig. 1 - Displacement in "field" looks good

    Fig. 2 - Lack of Displacement at outside edges (looks kind of holographic if viewer is moving)

    Fig. 3 - Realistic displacement at edges (same texture, different software)