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    Me too. ;)
    My (real estate) clients "holy grail" is a sales web site with a full 3d presentation of the building where you can mouse over the different appartements to get info, and click on them to get the full data set for that appartement. Links within a web standalone would be very much appreciated!

    (He also want the standalone to read the users time and date, and set the lighting accordingly. Since we live almost on top of the world with little sun during the winter, I'm not sure that is the best for sales, but is is a compelling idea.)

    Enscape offers much more than real time rendering.
    The ability to deliver stills, video and interactive walkthroughs both online and for VR in (more ore less) one click has in a short time become very appreciated and valuable for our us and our customers. They want it all! However, I find it very limiting to have to work out of SketchUp to have access to Enscape's magic.

    Blender is a proper, full feature package and it would be absolutely wonderful to be able to connect it to Enscape.
    I stand by my request/wish!

    Is is possible to print the timestamp to a rendered video?

    I'm delivering sun/shadow- studies as movies the customer can scrub back and forth, but for now we had to add the time of day in post (Premiere).

    It would make life much easier to have the possibility to toggle this on in Enscape!

    OK. From that post I understand that my problem is a result of indirect ligting beeing calculated for the decals geometry, not the opacity mask.

    How I solved this was to (in Illustrator) cut out the decal to fit the opacity mask.

    This kind of worked, but the complex piece of geometry made the file much slower to work with.

    (For some unknown reason, I also lost my street lights, so my evening renders are not very nice anymore)

    Thank you , MatthiasB :)

    Attached is a jpg showing the Enscape window with nice snow decal (as I thought it would be) in the top left corner, and in the bottom left corner the rendering at ultra quality – with unwanted square black shadows. The decal is placed around with Skatters "render only" option. All the views rendered like that.

    The material dialogue is shown on top of the SU window to show how i made the decal.

    How can I get the result I see in the enscape window? Why do the decals throw shadows when rendered?

    I showed these illustrations to a client, and they liked the idea very much and want to use them so I need to figure this out quickly.

    Do you be any chance have any tips for making snow with Enscape/Sketchup?

    I have never done it before so this is a first try.

    Thank you in advance for any useful answers.

    The VR navigations works beautifully, but often we use Enscape on screen in meetings, and we prefer to navigate with left click turns and right click orbits and double click to move somewhere specific. We then need to hammer down the space bar to get our noses up from the gravel after each little move.
    Can you please consider an option to retain the eye height and (walk) mode when double clicking?

    It would make our Enscaped office life so much better!

    I am a new user and my enthusiastic client wants links to web views from each appartement from their website. How do I solve this request?

    Do I have to make a unique web standalone for each appartement? Is there no way to send different starting points to the same web standalone? I think I need to include the full project each time, since the customer is allowd to move wherever he likes...?

    Is there other limits other than the 500MB limit for web exports? If the rest of my clients wants the same I will be exporting quite a lot of web standalones. And where are the actual files ? Are Enscape hosting them for us forever without any restrictions?

    Does anyone have any experience to share?

    I am new to Enscape/SketchUp and I struggle to get data from Revit and 3ds Max working within SketchUp. I hope someone here have some great tips that can make my working life easier.

    I link files from Revit to Max and organize, clean and fix them there. I model the landcape/surroundings and add entourage and render with Vray. Now I want to move the "entourage and render"-bit over to SketchUp/Enscape, but SketchUp behaves poorly. I split the file in smaller .skp-files I import into SU so I can update them whem the original Revit model or the site plan change.
    When I try to reload the files after a change , SU freezes. Does anyone have a solution for this?

    My work is mainly with projects with ± 20 to 150 appartements in several buildings with surroundings (+entourage), and I wonder if SketchUp really is capable of dealing with such large amounts of data?
    Enscape is really, really good so I want to make this work...

    Our office uses Enscape for Revit for development, and I (have to) use it with SketchUp for visualization for clients.
    I already love Enscape deeply, but struggle hard to get work flowing through SketchUp.
    The brand new Blender 2.8 seems like a forceful contender for the future, and I would happily switch software in a heartbeat if Enscape came to Blender.
    Blender has a large and strong user base, but is the open source lisencing a problem for getting Enscape into it?