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    Wondering if anyone has found a solution to this? I'm having a similar issue with some alabaster:

    I'm using a foliage material with a transparency mask in order to get the desired translucency, but maybe that inevitably results in this noise. I'm rendering on Ultra rendering quality.

    Hey there,

    I was experiencing the same issue and discovered a workaround that allowed me to at least meet a deadline. I opened up a blank model in SketchUp 2023, created the lights I needed, and then copied and pasted it into my 2024 model. Once you have the lights in 2024, you can edit and duplicate them as needed. I am on Windows but I hope this works for you too. Also hope this gets resolved soon!

    Tried this too - able to copy it in begin transforming/copying and then suddenly get a crash when opening up the enscape settings to adjust light radius/power. I'm doing this within components.

    Thanks, that's all very helpful and I'll give it a shot. We have been using enscape .matpkg files to easily transfer materials between sketchup and revit, so I'm curious how this will work with that but can report back once I've had time to try it out.

    We've been working on a large project featuring multiple building types designed across revit and sketchup - great feature of enscape is being able to export material packages from the sketchup version for use in the revit version. However, since enscape saves all assets locally these materials break every time another user opens up our workshared model! We've been exporting material packages for each material at the end of a session and then importing them as we need to check on views and facade palettes but it's a huge time sink and wildly inefficient.

    Is there really no fix to this? No way to enable embedded materials or at least ensure that materials are read from our shared drive rather than local storage? This is a problem I've come into with the rhino version too, where we lose materials every time another user attempts to open a model with enscape materials. The commitment to local storage makes collaborative work incredibly difficult. Any help will be appreciated.

    I'm working on a large, worksessioned model located on my company's central drive, with multiple users accessing it at different intervals. We only open the model every few months to update renderings, and every single time we open the model, about anywhere from a 1/4 to all of the stored textures on any enscape materials are completely missing, coming up with the orange "invalid texture" image instead. Additionally, mapping seems to be completely reset, so even if I do manager to decipher which texture belongs with which material, I still need to go into each worksessioned model and adjust all of the texture mapping. I've narrowed this down to the fact that all of the textures are being stored in a temp folder on the last user's local drive, rather than pulling from the place where they have been linked.

    This is infuriating and is causing hours and hours of wasted time. I cannot understand why there isn't a way to keep this textures stored within the model or at least linked to their central location. Do i need to forego use of the "enscape" material time and stick to Rhino materials? That seems absurd given the fact that I'm using Enscape.

    I understand that more organized file structure could make reassigning these textures easier, and I'm working on doing that now. However, it hardly seems to be the main issue as I shouldn't have to do this at all. I have never had this issue using enscape with sketchup, but I find it hard to beleive it's a rhino issue given that all of my "rhino" textures remain in place no matter who opens this.

    Please consider adjusting this behavior or at the very least allowing the option between local or linked textures somehow. I assume this is linked to an issue I and others had previoulsy where my temp folder would balloon with enscape textures and fill up my entire harddrive when using enscape with a large model.

    Beyond frustrated with this program and the way it feels effectively useless with rhino. When using it 2+ years ago, it was slow, but seamless and I never had any of these issues, regardless of model size or complexity. I don't understand how it's gotten so much worse.

    I've had the exact same issue of the ballooning temp folder, and extremely slow geometry export times. I downloaded the latest patch today and this issue is persisting - is there any plan to address this?

    Last time I tried "Submitting Feedback" through the application I didn't receive a response until I followed up, and then was just told to update my drivers.

    Is this a more appropriate place to receive help/submit logs?