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    Hello. As a student from a poorer country in Europe, with moderate to low financial possibilities, I can confirm for me and my classmates that now, with the fee policy, we will no longer be able to use this software for our projects, even if we have used it in the past and are accustomed to its workflow. To begin with, we can barely afford to buy the hardware necessary for practicing architecture, and this payment represents a significant portion of our school fee. There is no chance that for students like me, adding to these financial struggles by choosing software that needs paying for, when there are free student alternatives for rendering such as lumion, d5 render, twinmotion, unreal engine, 3ds max, is an option. This change deeply saddened me, because Enscape is a very accesible, powerful and intuitive program, but life goes on and each company decides for itself. In the end, the thing that matters to me most is being able to pursue what i love, especially since the tools one uses do not define one's skills and creativity as an architect. Adaptation and an open mind lead to discovering new workflows and archieving great results. take care and do nice things.