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    Thanks for the explanation and background info Demian!

    It's good to know this issue is known to the Enscape team, hopefully we will see improvements on reflections in the future versions!

    I have encountered problem with mirrors more than once. Mostly strange behaviour of the reflection.

    In my current project I noticed the following, I attached the exported image with the strange reflections.

    The mirrors are moddled as a wall (Revit) with an mirror material (the material from the Autodesk Apperance Library).

    The render quality settings are allready set to the max.

    Any idea how what causes this strange behaviour and how to fix this?

    I had the same problem before, but I fixed it by creating a cutout pattern and applying that to the material.

    Try the following; Don't draw the wall as a curtain wall but as a basic wall. Give the wall the wooden material.

    Create a cutout pattern and setup the cutout function in the material settings.

    Hi guys, for the past year we have been using the Enscape standalone export function a lot for supplying our customers with a model of their project. This feature is one important reason we chose to use Enscape.

    But using it for the past year, we get a lot of responses from our clients that they can't use the standalone because it won't start. Of course, we always test the models before sending them, so I assume the problem (in most cases) will be the computer of the client. So we wrote a short tutorial on how to update the drivers for the video card since this will probably solve the problems.

    Unfortunately, we noticed that most clients are not skilled enough to do this, think it is too much work or it's too complicated. So, in the end, we always end up sending the less slick web version.

    This means that over the past year we can say that we can't use the function because of the requirements of the standalone models.

    Is there something you can do to add more support for older drivers/video cards? Because at the moment this is limiting us in the use of the function to the point that we are considering not even using it anymore.

    I am also in the market for a new laptop since my current laptop is also struggling to keep up with our latest models.

    But I always get lost in the system specs because I have no clue what all the model numbers (processor and GF cards etc.) mean, and which is better suited for Enscape.

    Would it be an idea to do a blog with a best-buy guide for laptops and desktops every 6 months?

    There are many ways to achieve this within Revit, even with little effort.

    Two easy solutions from the top of my head:

    - Use the design option with the assets in different option sets

    - Use a system parameter (like comments or type comments) in combination with viewfilters

    I'm having problems with favourite views and also batch rendering.

    When I mark views as a favourite, they appear in the menu within Enscape. This is also the way to set up batch rendering according to your knowledge base.

    But when I batch render the selected views I get the same view rendered instead of the correct views. Also, the preview in the menu shows the same wrong thumbnail.

    What is going wrong?

    I'm using Enscape version 2.6.2 ;)

    I guess I posted this in the wrong subforum before, sorry.

    Anyway, when using the "walk mode" we can walk through doors when these are placed as a door family.

    But often Revit modelers also use a curtain wall to quickly create windows and doors because of the quick workflow. This is no problem for the BIM philosophy as well because the curtain wall panels can also be tagged as a door or window category.


    Unfortunately, Enscape does not allow us to walk through a curtain panel door. Can we please make this happen? It would make navigating our models much easier since we use this workflow a lot.

    Thanks! :)

    Use model in place to create a (small) geometry surface on the monitor, and put a decal image on this surface. (Not sure for the monitor, but for the TV's you can't put it directly on the face of the TV model because it will have two material faces in one another).

    You can set the decal luminance to "LCD screen" for a good representation of an actual LCD screen.


    I see you have multiple monitors. Create the geometry surface in the family, not in place ;)

    Hi Arno, I just made my first attempt at Dynamo with your tutorial.

    Your tutorial is realy clear on the setup, so I managed to install the correct packages and load your script in the Dynamo Player. :)

    Unfortunately I can't seem to get it to work. I get the error "Unsupported Input Type".

    [Blocked Image:]

    I googled a bit for the error but I got lost... Do you know what the cause/solution would be?