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    That's a good question. If I was offered a refund due to incompatibility from 3Dconnexion, I'd hesitate to take it, as even though these issues are a pain, the experience of using a spacemouse with Enscape is so far superior to navigating with standard mouse and keyboard that it would be hard to go back. Presentations with the spacemouse are so smooth and professional compared to what is possible without. There's no comparison. As soon as I saw one used with Enscape I went out and bought one. I can get by with not using it in revit but I also have their Cadmouse which is on the same driver, and I can't get by with that one not working properly, which is what's brought me here.

    Add Revit to the equation. I posted in the Revit forum and was guided to this thread. My issue is slightly different, as whether I have Enscape open or not, my spacemouse will drop out randomly in Revit, anywhere from a few minutes to an hour into a session, usually when I'm on my second monitor on the web or in another program. Having Enscape open and switching between wasn't making it drop out, it was totally random and would even drop out if I just left the computer sitting for 10 minutes or so, which is why I hadn't considered it was an issue between Enscape and 3Dconnexion. When it drops out in Revit it also drops out in Enscape but then if I close Enscape and re open it the spacemouse will work in Enscape but not in Revit which is how I've been using it. If I close down Revit and then re open it will work in both Revit and Enscape for an unpredictable length of time until it drops out, which it always does.

    I've been through a lengthy period with 3Dconnexion trying to find a solution with no luck and hadn't even thought that it could be the interaction with Enscape that was causing the problem, but here I am 6 hours into a Revit work session after uninstalling Enscape completely from my computer, and Revit and my two 3Dconnexion devices are working flawlessly.

    I really thought this was an issue with Revit or 3Dconnexion but after reading your reply I uninstalled Enscape and have been using Revit for the last 6 hours with no drop outs. This is such a shame as Enscape is where the spacemouse is the most benefit and it's the main reason I purchased it. Once used to it there's no going back to keyboard navigation in Enscape. It's so clunky in comparison.

    Hi, a couple of months ago I purchased a Spacemouse wireless to use with Enscape and it works great in Enscape but keeps dropping out in Revit. When it drops out in Revit it also drops out in Enscape but then I just close and reopen Enscape and it's all good from there but no longer works in Revit. Closing revit resets it but then it just drops out again from anywhere to a few minutes to an hour or so. If i just leave Revit in a dropped out state and restart Enscape it will not drop out at all in Enscape. I also got a Cadmouse at the same time and it loses all addtional functions above standard mouse function when the spacemouse drops out. I've tested this on two computers and have even gone to the extent of reinstalling windows on one of them to try and fix this. 3Dconnexion have been no help and no one on the Autodesk Revit forum appears to use a spacemouse. So if you use one, can you let me know what version of Revit you are using, and what version of the 3Dconnnexion driver you have installed. Mine is Revit 2020 and the driver is the latest one - 10.6.9.

    In walking mode I cannot pass through doors as I can in the Revit version. Is this normal? It means I need to toggle between fly mode just to move from room to room.

    I'm also having the same issue with the orange headroom visualisation Archicad puts around stairs. Is there a way to turn this off? I can't walk up or down stairs.

    Hi Demian,

    Sorry, there has been a misunderstanding. I am not a Rhino user. I've been supplied with an exported Rhino SAT file of the existing part of a house I'm designing an extension for. I've imported that Rhino model into Revit and saved it as a Revit family. Then I've loaded it into my Revit file to use as a reference for the extension and to use in the renderings of the entire house. When I render within Revit the rhino part of the house renders fine but when I use enscape it is missing planes as shown in the images attached.

    I'm having the same issue as this thread - Bug on revit UI when using enscape

    I have enscape running on one screen live updating while I'm working in revit on the other and then I lose selection visibility within Revit. This only happens when enscape is running. I go to select something and it does not highlight unless I zoom in or out. If I try to edit something I get stuck in the edit because I lose the ability to complete the command. Have to restart Revit to get it back to normal.

    Was a solution found for the previous thread?

    Hi Demian, thanks for the reply!

    Yes it renders within Revit. I've since modelled up the missing parts so have isolated the rhino model within Revit and rendered it both with the render function within Revit and in Enscape. Images attached. I can send in the model either as the full file or just the Rhino part which is saved as a Revit family. How do I send it to you?


    I'm working on a model that the existing part of the house had been modelled up in Rhino and then imported into Revit to show up in the renderings for an extension of the rear of the house. The Revit parts obviously render as they should but the front part of the house, which is the imported modelled in Rhino, is missing multiple planes. Is there a way to avoid having to model these parts in Revit to fill in the gaps?