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REMINDER! If you encounter any issues with Enscape (e.g. crashes, installation problems) or your subscription please reach out to our dedicated support team directly through the Help Center or by using the Support button as detailed HERE! Thank you for your understanding.

    Thank you for your feedback which I'll forward accordingly - in this case though the dialogue did not hinder me to adjust the perspective in Enscape before taking the rendering, nor did it hinder me to move the Enscape window too. Pardon if I'm misunderstanding something but is this the case on your machine? As in, when the dialogue pops up you cannot adjust anything in Enscape nor can you move the window?

    Thank you for your patience:), this is a matter of sequence. If I start Enscape and then click Render Image directly, this moment this Confirm dialogue pops up and hinders to move Enscape window and adjust perspective.

    Another uncomfortable thing is that I have to move the mouse to find this dialogue and click OK per mouse every time (cumulative: 1-2 hundred times a day) instead of directly pressing keyboard shortcuts to output the rendering. It is exhausting patience||

    Yeah, I can also feel a little disappointed that the rhythm has been slow down and now there're more new problems to resolve. But we should put enough patience and keep positive contact with Enscape Teams;)

    I use the RTX2070 graphics card. In many cases, I will show the renderings of A1 or even A0 (at least 150dpi) to customers or judges, and now I have to use the version without RTX SUPPORT to achieve the needs of large renderings.

    But I still hope to get more shocking realism and reliability through RTX in large renderings. Can the release of 2.7 meet the maximum rendering size of 8192 pixels that Enscape has always allowed or at least meet the rendering size larger than 7000 pixels (on RTX2070 or more powerful graphics cards)?

    The new Target Area Confirm window is difficult to use, at least in ArchiCAD, while I have to find it and click on it. But in 2.6 I just need to press the keyboard again to output. This means that Preview and Output are more coherent in 2.6 versions.

    This Tip Window also leads to many little vulnerabilities in preview mode.

    For instance:

    1. Once you click the mouse in rendering scene, you will immediately fly to the click position (i don't know why, and it shall be done in principle by double-click);

    2. Very often the rendering window is locked and Target Area cannot be adjusted due to front Confirm Tip Window;

    3. This new Tip Window occupies places of other important windows e.g. Settings;

    4. I can not even minimize or drag the CAD and rendering windows due to it.

    All in all, this is a very strange modification in 2.7 preview, which destroys the interaction experience.

    So very hope to cancel this Target Area Confirm Window and restore the preview mode like previous versions!

    Thank you in advance.

    Crash possiblity depends on the current OS environment, other running applications and GPU usage, project contents, uptime and lots of other factors very much. Chances to get out of VRAM have grown with the introduction of RTX, but it does not mean it will crash directly. If it would crash directly by the first attempt to do a 4k screenshot on a typical scene, we would catch it immediately ;)

    It is known that the computational taxing is an obstacle fast unable to cross for the ray-tracing rendering. Nowadays Enscape 2.6.1 has solved it in the lead.

    Though we hope that the GPU usage can be at least mitigated.

    Is there any possibility to reduce the instant GPU usage through a longer wait time for the final image than now?

    I also encountered a situation similar to yours.

    I used the RTX2070 and installed the latest Nvidia driver. But if the length of the output is larger than 6000 pixels (even in extremely simple scenes), 2.6.1 will crash.

    In contrast, the allowed maximum size picture can be output in 2.6.0.

    As shown above, When I map the transparency channel and adjust it to be translucent, dense moire will appear in the rendered image. This is done in the Enscape 2.6 .

    Parameters of the translucent material are as follows

    Hoping to get more perfect material effect of Translucent Fabric in Enscape!

    Thanks for your concern in advance.

    Now Enscape can only output images with a maximum resolution of 8192*8192. But with NVIDA Ansel technology, you can achieve 60K rendering size.

    This technique has been used in another instant Render, Mars, as shown below.

    Click to view the gif.

    While a city-level aerial view is enlarged, you can even see the pedestrians in the square.

    For Chinese architects, the huge size image hanging on the partition wall of the construction site is a must, which is used to explain to the public the expected completion of urban design and buildings.

    Can Enscape implement the Ansel technology?

    Thanks for your concern in advance.

    NVIDA Ansel:…geforce-experience/ansel/

    The problem is not so much to worry about refraction, it's more if a client need a solid object, he will ask you, why it looks hollow. For example a wine shop full of empty bottles doesn't looks well. But right, a shadow solution is needed too.

    Thank you for your suggestion, the actual refraction effect with keyword water does not look very precise and ture.

    You are right, the refraction and shadow of the glass are both problems that need to be solved.


    Fosted Glass Body rendering in C4D with cinerender

    The above image is the result of rendering with cinerender.

    It can be found that the scene on the back is deformed after passing through the frosted glass body (as shown by the yellow dotted line).

    Enscape can also achieve the effect of frosted glass, BUT there is no Deformation. As shown below:


    Fosted Glass Body rendering by Enscape for SketchUp

    I think that this refraction deformation effect can be achieved by enscape with real-time ray tracing.

    Hoping a new Version which can support this!

    some reference photos of refraction deformation effect:

    Thanks for your concern in advance!:)