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    Oh yes please! I spend quite some time figuring out why in the world all my furniture disappeared! :) The planting around the area I'm building is quite dense and to give it the proper look through the windows I'm using quite a few models (probably too many, but hey...)

    This means my model is fairly laggy when moving around in 3D view. So I disabled planting - because that kinda made sense until I used Enscape or rendering fixed images. But then I lost a lot of my furniture and other models :(

    Sad... Hopefully this could be fixed! :)

    I installed v29 on the headset and on my PC and there has been no issues at all. SteamVR doesn't seem to start up as it used to, so I'm not sure it's needed anymore? Worked like a charm with wired pc and 5ghz network for the headset closeby. No latency at all.