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    Which model of the Quest 3 do you have? Also, can you share the specs of the PC you are using? I am looking at making the purchase as well.

    We have the HTC Vive Original and HTC Vive Wireless Pro setup too using steam, etc. I am looking for a mobile friendly setup and Oculus looks very appealing for that reason.

    How large of models are you able to use with it?

    Oh, sorry - missed your question first round.

    I'm using the Quest 3 512gb, but it's the same as the 128gb as mentioned further up - it's just the local storage space on the device, so don't worry about that. Enscape is streaming through the AirLink so I don't expect anything of significance to be stored on the device itself.

    I'm using a Razer Blade 14 (Model no. RZ09-0370CNA3 to be exact) with a AMD R9 5900HX CPU, GeForce RTX 3080 for GPU and 16 GB of RAM. Hardware wise it's pretty good, but please don't ever buy Razer. The graphic card fried once and after just 1,5 year I'm daily being reminded that the battery will explode any day by the fact that it's pressing hard against the track pad so it's not working anymore -_-

    The Meta Quest 2 and 3 is a completely different experience compared to the wired counter parts. In my opinion Enscape should drop support for these dated headsets and give better support for the Quest headsets. Especially considering the great AR capabilities of the Quest 3 (and soon Apples Vision Pro) - imagine walking around on the build site in the house and enjoy the ACTUAL view out of the windows. This is my dream! :) We just need to get Kaj Burival and the rest of the team to share that vision :D

    For model size, I'm just running a small model of a mere 150mb.

    In regards to SteamVR, I had a lot better performance without it. I haven't tested on my Quest 2, but I would expect it to work just as fine without SteamVR as the Quest 3 does. Give it a try - simply just close SteamVR/Steam, have the Oculus application running and have your headset linked to your computer. Now click the HMD option and the Quest simply boots into Enscape. This killed all my performance issue I've had since v3.5 came out.

    For 1 and 2, I'm no help there! So I guess I just answered a question you didn't ask... ?

    It doesn't matter at all which Quest 3 model you have, the 128gb vs 512gb versions just refer to local storage.

    What could matter for your experience with AirLink though, is WiFi speed. Make sure you're at least using a 5Ghz wifi, and if you can, cable up the PC.

    If you need to upgrade your wifi anyway, make sure to go all the way to WiFi 6E as it gives you some extra bandwidth especially if you're in an environment with a lot of congestion on the 5Ghz band.

    Oh yes please! I spend quite some time figuring out why in the world all my furniture disappeared! :) The planting around the area I'm building is quite dense and to give it the proper look through the windows I'm using quite a few models (probably too many, but hey...)

    This means my model is fairly laggy when moving around in 3D view. So I disabled planting - because that kinda made sense until I used Enscape or rendering fixed images. But then I lost a lot of my furniture and other models :(

    Sad... Hopefully this could be fixed! :)

    I installed v29 on the headset and on my PC and there has been no issues at all. SteamVR doesn't seem to start up as it used to, so I'm not sure it's needed anymore? Worked like a charm with wired pc and 5ghz network for the headset closeby. No latency at all.