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    Hi there,

    I hope you all are doing well. Yesterday the new Version ArchiCAD 24 was released, so I would like to ask how long it will take this time to get support with Enscape?

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    Today a new preview was released - first Impression: It works smooth in AC23 on my machine (finally!) and I appreciate the new functions (orthographic projection, improved reflections in mirrors).

    Thanks a lot!

    I installed now the newest Driver Radeon 19.11.1 but ArchiCAD still crashes after I hit "Start Enscape".

    We are using the Radeon RX570.

    Hi thanks for the update!

    I tried it already, but ArchiCAD 23 crashes every time I click on Start Enscape. Also ArchiCAD 22 crashes.

    We are using

    ArchiCAD 23 Build 3003 GER FULL

    ArchiCAD 22 Build 6021 GER FULL

    Hello again, I understand that the ArchiCAD support is only a small aspect in the development of such a tool.

    Nevertheless, it is essential for us as a daily user that the software is adapted to the releases of newer CAD versions in a timely manner. Every year, we pay significant sums for service contracts with our CAD software. That's why we want and need to switch to the new versions. For example, ArchiCAD releases a new version every year - so Enscape should not lag behind for several months. Therefore, a support only with the version 2.7 and release of the same as planned at the end of February would be a real no-go.

    Please do not misunderstand - you really do a great job in my opinion and we love your program - but it's really difficult to communicate in the Office that we can not switch to ArchiCAD 23 productively just because of Enscape …

    Sorry, I do not want to annoy you, but since a few weeks have passed since the last release, I wanted to check again, if there is anything new regarding ArchiCAD 23?

    Hi there,

    yesterday was a big day for nerds like me with the update of Enscape, ArchiCAD and iOS... woooooh

    Now - of course - I would love to use Enscape in ArchiCAD 23 - are there any infos how long it will take to release that compatible version?

    Kind regards,