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    Hello everyone!

    ArchiCAD 27 was released today - when can we expect support from Enscape?

    Thank you very much and best regards.


    Yipiiiieee! Now it works! Thx a lot! :)


    EDIT: _nique , I have unfortunately spoken a bit too soon. We fixed a similar behavior for another supported CAD solution, but this, unfortunately, did not have an effect on AC as expected.

    But of course, we'll investigate further and I'll let you know once our developers have provided further updates, which should be soon.

    I keep my fingers crossed! :)
    Last year in August we had already contact with the support team about that, but it could not get solved. We would therefor be very happy about a timely fix.

    archicad is an all-in-one solution so you should learn how to sketch, how to detail and how to visualise your concepts inside ArchiCAD.

    Even for layouting it is capable - I did some giftcards in the past with it. at the moment we consider to cancel our Adobe Creative Suite.


    we are struggling with the views and I want to ask if somebody else has the same issues or maybe we just don't know how to use it... :)

    - the setting of the projection-mode (perspective, 2-point or orthographic) is not saved in the view

    - the view point seems always to be centered. we often save views from the person eye to the top of the building. if we click the saved view we must rearrange the aim.

    due to these circumstances the batch rendering feature is not usable for us.

    - Dominique


    I really appreciate the new version with its new Assets and GUI.

    We experience some problems with the management of the views, with the scaling of some assets and the with the licence management.

    views: how is it possible to save variants of the view settings?

    assets: after opening an existing project with the new version, the scaling of some Enscape assets is wrong. for example we had problems with a single tree with a height of ~ 1000m and lightning objects way too big

    licence management: we have 2 floating seats. in earlier versions it was possible to start enscape in demo mode even both licences were used. with version 3.0 that is not possible anymore.


    Hi there,

    I hope you all are doing well. Yesterday the new Version ArchiCAD 24 was released, so I would like to ask how long it will take this time to get support with Enscape?

    Best regards


    Today a new preview was released - first Impression: It works smooth in AC23 on my machine (finally!) and I appreciate the new functions (orthographic projection, improved reflections in mirrors).

    Thanks a lot!

    I installed now the newest Driver Radeon 19.11.1 but ArchiCAD still crashes after I hit "Start Enscape".

    We are using the Radeon RX570.

    Hi thanks for the update!

    I tried it already, but ArchiCAD 23 crashes every time I click on Start Enscape. Also ArchiCAD 22 crashes.

    We are using

    ArchiCAD 23 Build 3003 GER FULL

    ArchiCAD 22 Build 6021 GER FULL