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    The current fog is controlled vertically , but would be good to have a far-away fog control (choosing the distance) leading to blur horizon line . normally cause by air pollution - far away objects less sharpened than close-up objects. The depth map allows to do this manually in Photoshop, but when comes to video becomes a bit annoying to see the model-edges in a hard way

    And this fog control to have a colour selection (sometimes its nice pure white, sometimes pure black)



    Hi, When placing assets they become associated with the top layer, regardless witch layer i have as current.

    If top layer is off, assets dont show.

    To allocate assets in a specific layer i have to block edit, and move them into the layer i want.

    This happens in v2.5 and v2.6

    Any chance that when we place the assets they become assigned with the current layer ?