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    A dedicated preview of Enscape 4.0 for Windows including Rhino 8 support should indeed also follow soon (likely around middle of February). There is no release day or exact time frame I can mention yet, though I'll make sure to notify you and everyone else here in this thread again once I have a certain date to share.

    Hi again.

    Now closer to mid february - will there be an update soon for Windows-Rhino 8.0 users?

    Thank you

    Welcome to our Forum and thanks for the inquiry.

    You can check out our latest Enscape for Mac 4.0 Preview 1 we've just released, which also supports Rhino 8 now:

    Our latest Ensape for Mac preview can always be found here (after scrolling down a bit further below the preview for Windows).

    Thank you. But for those of us running WIndows, this is not a help. Is there a preview beta, for windows which can be released soon? It would be very helpful for the vast majority of your existing customers.

    Hi a new update of Rhino 8 has just been released. I've tried to install Enscape V: 3.5.5+122071, but with no succes.

    It does not appear and cannot be found as a plug-in? When can we expect to have enscape running again with Rhino?

    Best regards