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REMINDER! If you encounter any issues with Enscape (e.g. crashes, installation problems) or your subscription please reach out to our dedicated support team directly through the Help Center or by using the Support button as detailed HERE! Thank you for your understanding.

    Going to confirm (I think) we've got the same issue. I was thinking certain items weren't implemented in the Revit version, but then I saw a video of what the interface was supposed to look like. We're missing the whole Material Library & Editor portion. I've downloaded and installed twice. Also removal of the program via its normal interface (with reboots) and using the Revo installer above. THAT ended up removing some portion of my video drivers, which then gave me a 'new error' of an issue with a conflict between the mobo APU and the Quadro M4000 we have in our machines. Downloaded and installed new drivers seemed to fix that. Reinstalled Enscape (again), and have the same interface issue (see below).
    Also seems a bit laggy in performance compared to the prior version.
    Placing assests is... (I can't repeat those words here). a constant refresh and flashing of the window for... recalcing? (I only have two windows open!)

    I'm going to second this opinion. Working in Revit 2018.3 & 2021. I've noticed a slow-down in the interactivity within the project from the prior version.
    I've even performed a 'repair' on the install. I might try uninstalling and reinstalling next.
    I also have an issue with the Pause/Resume function not working. I'll make an update with 'live' on, and it does nothing. I have to click on the Pause/Resume to get it to update.
    Working with the Asset Library, I go to place an item, and there isn't anything showing in the Revit window (even moving the mouse around). Click to place, nothing. I hit ESC to get out and choose something else, and i get the warning "asset placement is still active. You can't place another asset until you cancel it (ESC)." Um, I did that already. I hit ESC once and the whole Asset Library disappears.
    Oh - almost forgot - I will close something and I get the warning that "Enscape is waiting for the Revit API to finish - there's probably an open dialogue box...." no. no there is not. I've got this on multiple occasions, including closing the Enscape window.

    Interesting thread, and helpful to boot. I'm also running into lags, and some crashes, but our models are nowhere near the size mentioned above. The latest one is only about 280 mb, but utilizes a few (10+) linked in models of about 10 mb each for a Multifamily project. These are then copied around the project. I'm using only about 22 assets of trees, cars and people. I was rendering a few shots the other day with full materials w/o difficulty (ultra), and then I changed the cameras position, and out of nowhere, i get the 'this is taking too long' error (and yes, sent the feedback immediately). Enscape and Revit crashed.

    I've restarted & reloaded, tried doing a 'white' render - I was able to get (2) renderings - but I then moved as before - and every time I try to render I run into this 'too long' error now. This then crashes Revit and I have to restart the machine; I can't even just restart Revit as it locks up the access to the Browser or Properties panels ?!?

    Is there a limitation on how Enscape looks at or handles Linked models, even if out of view?

    I've upgraded the Nvidia drivers to the latest/ latest Enscape Build/ Revit is 2018.3 -
    Machine is an HP Z640 Xeon w/32gb ram with a Quadro M4000 video card / Win 10 pro

    below is not a render, but a screenshot of a sample image of the model.

    PS - Hey Phil Read - (If you see this) Long time no talk! Hope all is well!

    Morning! Love the new update, and apologies if this has been covered already. I see the split menu now used for the Visual & General Settings, but I'm a bit confused. In Revit.... Where did the ability to Save a setting go??? it used to be a drop-down at the top of the Settings menu. I can see where i can Import a Legacy Setting (under General > Settings Management), but not Save??? (works fine, btw)... Is this a bug or in further development?

    I do a lot of renderings where i need to do stills of varying times of day, such as 9 am vs noon vs 8 pm twilight, field of view, atmosphere, etc. along with other setting changes. I would highly prefer to not have to write these down. Can you please add this in the next update or point me where it's hidden? Thanks!!