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    It has always done that, at least as long as I can remember. The only solution I know of is to have some terrain modeled. If there is something else I'd love to hear it.

    For anyone running into this, the bit depth is locked to 16 bit for Height channels:


    The bit depth is forced to 16 bits for the Normal and Height channels. The other channels are exported in 8/16 bits depending on your materials and the filters you used. Depending on the file format, the bit depth can be changed as some file formats don't support high bit depth.

    To change to 8 bit you will need to modify the image in Photoshop / / etc. Once set to 8 bit they render correctly.

    I'll add to this. We just had a request to show a render in winter as well. Around here that generally just means no leaves and/or partial leaves (see enclosed), although some snow would be cool to have. If it is possible, having the leaves / snow on a toggle would be awesome. For the render I just had, a toggle would mean not having to place 10,000 plants twice (winter render + summer render), which even using FOREground takes a while to do.

    Hello everyone! I have looked at the project and I confirm that there is a problem on our side. Inspecting the height texture, Windows Explorer properties say that the bit depth is 16 and we have a problem detecting that for monochrome images. I have created a ticket for it internally.

    I believe that If you can change a setting in Substance to export the height maps in 8 bit depth, it will work around the problem for now.

    Thanks for the update!

    I'm seeing an issue with materials that are created using Substance Sampler where the bump map causes the material to render almost black and I have no idea why or how to fix it, other than not using those bumps. In the attached image & files there 4 examples:

    • First is the material as created by Substance.
    • Second is the same material but setting the height map to Normal instead of height.
    • Third is the same material, but using the BaseColor to create a bump map in Photoshop (this feature is disappearing btw)
    • Fourth is an OOTB Autodesk PBR brick material

    All materials are created by duplicating the Autodesk brick material, then modifying the images. From what I can remember, this happens even with a Generic material as a starting point.

    This seems to happen across the board with all bumps created with Substance (I have not tested every map I have, but it is very common) and has been present in at least the last 2 versions of Enscape I have installed.

    Revit 2020-2023

    Enscape 3.4.1+85781

    3070 TI- drivers were updated yesterday

    I'd like to suggest a slight modification to asset naming to facilitate filters in Revit. I assume this would benefit other software but I haven't used any of the others in so long I really don't know. Current naming format is Enscape AssetDefinition - Asset Name, which is ok, but adding in a top-level category would be helpful IMO. Instead of the existing naming, it would be something like this:

    Enscape AssetDefinition - People - Amaya, Walking

    Enscape AssetDefinition - Furniture - Armchair 13

    Enscape AssetDefinition - Vehicles - Car 02

    This would make it a lot easier to add filters to turn off certain things as needed in views, and especially while working in the project getting everything setup. I could easily create a filter for all planting categories that include 'People' in the name and then turn them off (or close the workset), speeding up the refresh time for the Enscape window (at least in theory) since those elements are not being rendered.

    thanks :)

    I skimmed through and didn't see it mentioned so- Emergency Services Vehicles and people: Fire, EMT, Police, etc. And ideally a variety of some sort; a pump truck and a ladder truck, fire chief vehicle, police car & SUV, and so on.

    Just ran into this as well and found that if the Opacity map is a PNG it didn't work, but saving it as JPG did work. Not sure if it is because of layers in the PNG (saved via Photoshop) or just file format, but it might help out.

    Consider also (dependent on the actual green wall system being considered for the proposal) which assets are best to work with - as you may find the ivy or box hedge better suited than individual plants?

    Ooh. I never considered the box hedge. Nice one!

    There are several Ivy components in the library already that are setup to go up a wall, or you can modify the family similar to what Davy mentioned.

    I have a user who is trying to run some images and Enscape is locking up at about 5% while starting. The log has a warning stating: [warning] Could not connect to Archvision Dashboard but otherwise there isn't any info in it.

    GTX1660- newest drivers

    Revit 2020


    Windows 10

    This is a new install of Enscape and as far as I know Archvision has never been installed on the machine. I looked at the model and there are no RPC in the project; also purged and ran an audit on the project.


    I'm not seeing any of my RPC content in Enscape suddenly. It was working a couple weeks ago- the only change I've made on my end that I can think of is changing from the old Archvision Dashboard to the updated Avail + Avail Revit interface. I have cleaned out the Enscape cache per this thread and restarted everything but no luck. I thought the RPC issue was resolved, at least temporarily?

    In terms of workflow- I am starting Revit, loading the model, then starting the Avail side of things, then launching Enscape. I can download assets from the Avail browser, so I'm signed in there.

    Revit 2019

    Enscape 2.9.0+32504

    Is this a PEBKAC error or is there something dumb I'm missing?

    Thanks :)

    Completely agree with this. I have to have a seperate set of 2-d Symbols in the REvit floor plan because the Enscape Planting Assets look terrible in plan and the scale of their symbol never matches the scale in the renderings. Then when creating a 3d view, I need to sometimes hide all the planting symbols in Revit.. And then when in the REvit plan I have to hide all the Enscape assets. Everything is just double / triple the works. Symbols and assets are sitting on top of each other. Messy and time consuming to go back and forth.

    BIMEdge has a pretty workable solution here:

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    There is also a link to the data set so you can reverse engineer it if you want. It takes some setup on the front end but seems to work well.