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    I have been dealing with this issue for months and it is getting to the point where I don't want to use this program anymore. Every time I change a material or light level in Enscape for Revit, it gets a fatal error and crashes Revit. I have to pause the live update to make changes and then unpause for it to push the changes to Enscape. If I forget to pause, it crashes and I lose my work. I posted a few months ago about this same issue, the developers acknowledged there was an issue and others where having this issue as well. I don't know what can be done but this is getting old.

    I have enscape on 4 different computers with similar hardware and software specs and everyone has this issue.

    We really need this resolved.


    I tested this with Revit 2018 as well as both 16 and 18 on 2 other machines with the same results. It most often happens when changing materials when the live view is on, but it also happens sometimes when moving elements or adjusting a family parameter. I have to turn off live updates, make my changes then turn it back on for it to work properly.

    The dmp file is larger than 2mb that I can upload to this forum is there a different location to upload?

    Will you need the Revit file as well?



    I am using Revit 2016, and when we try to change a material in a family while live update is on, Revit crashes. This has been tested on multiple machines with the same outcome. This is a very important aspect to us so we can make live material changes with clients. What needs to be done to solve this,?



    32GB DDR4 3000

    960 Evo NVMe SSD