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    Quick question/request: Is there a list of all assets, with their respective IDs and Heights, available?

    Essentially, we're not using the mesh model geometry, but a "widget" family (this is Revit).

    Whilst I can place an instance from the asset library into a project - then copy/paste the parameter values across - I could automate the whole process with a list.

    In the video editor, we can create as many keyframes as we like without any discernible slow-up.

    In the viewer, "creating views" however - at least certainly within Revit - is at the utter mercy of Revit's view creation - views I might add we never need (except for Enscape purposes)

    So I was wondering, might we get the option somehow (perhaps create an .xml like the video editor) to "create views (for Enscape Only)" ? - with the possibility to bind the action to a shortcut - so, when we might effortlessly set up shots for framing-up "jump-throughs" (of saved views) - which is how we're finding our story-telling working best with Enscape at the moment.

    Maybe you ask about this?

    thanks for that - was just about to ask the same.

    Question (question?) for the Enscape peeps.., will (could) the UI be able to hot-swap the .json presets, like it once did the .xml files?

    The "load" step (in 2.6) is quite a barrier - and works counter to a working method I've developed - and taught - akin to a wedding-photographer using 2 camera bodies, where we fast-frame and speed-compose our shots and keyframes in a stripped-back preset, before throwing on all the glitz and glam for production.

    Perhaps this is just me, but isn't this something we, as users, should compile - and not ask of developers, so they can, I dunno, focus on development?

    Sure, I didn't particularly enjoy copy/pasting all the IDs and Heights into the SPs of our "widget" family (I couldn't make Dynamo do it) - but the effort paid off and we've now a type catalog to load every EverMotion element on offer and can rest easy I've done away with all the fractured polygonal stuff.

    Perhaps it's just me - but there's an area missing from here - specifically, a "general discussion" area.

    I "worry" that a lot of good, universally-applicable stuff goes into the application-specific sub-forums, where some might not venture if not a user of such.

    For example, I wanted to come here and ask about "who is using an ultra-wide monitor with Enscape?" but where would I put that? Seems a perfect candidate for a dedicated Hardware & tech. area (which would save split-conversations about gpu recommendations repeating in the different application sub-forums, no?

    Anyway... just my 2pence for the day.

    As per the title really - in Revit Assets come through with type-based parameters:



    which we, as authors, can introduce to our own content to make any family redirect to an Evermotion asset when in Enscape = which is great! 8)

    However, sometimes, having this "locked" at a type level isn't ideal (use case example: appearance and size swap-outs of more-commonly instance-based items like trees)

    Switching/employing the parameters in a family on an instance-basis doesn't appear to be recognised by Enscape - and I was wondering if this could supported please?

    Thanks chaps - will investigate,

    But whilst on the subject, quick quiz... can we hope in the future we will be able to custom-override past the 4096x2048 limit on panoramas?

    I'm not keen on asking Enscape to keep adding (what I deem to be secondary) features - so please understand this is not a "can I haz" request...

    Where/when we don't want to send out an .exe, (for the all the reasons recognised) or get locked into the chore of creating numerous static outputs - we'd like to explore panoramas more.

    I've been playing with a trial of Pano2VR to stitch scenes together and create an informative, narrative-based, and conveniently web-friendly experience - but was wondering, (since this isn't really my area of interest or expertise) if anyone here knew of any alternatives they might suggest.

    *it's not like a Pano2VRPro license is expensive, it's more if there's a feature set available elsewhere that's better.

    Am I understanding that you would want to save some of the 'global' settings as 'project' settings?

    Or have a tag in some global settings that is variable depending on the project? (Look for a specification file in the same location as the project file and use the information within it for various settings. If it doesn't exist, use the default.)

    It would be nice to have the loading screen populate with the project/client name without having to change it every project. And the default save file location. And any screen overlays... perhaps just the items listed in the "Customization" area of general settings?

    On the money!

    (presuming an understanding of Revit)

    think how addins like Xrev can reach at a (Revit) model's shared parameters to pull - and concatenate - values into file outputs. It would be wonderful if Enscape could do this in the backend, (at a file level) - or, if in the absence of Revit, a manifest file of a kind for the other host modellers to look at stored within a project.

    combined with Demian's query/clarification above...

    (and presuming an understanding of Autocad)

    Something like the world of working with .cui - where "global" rules can be set (practice-wide), with variations and exceptions allowed for, at an increasing level of granularity along the lines of:





    At an interface level, simple thinking would be to offer ("Apply to this preset only" & "Apply to All presets") to certain settings... and (wearing my control-freak hat) potentially be locked out by higher-levelled control...

    Take the <Capture> tab for example - in our office that's set one way, and one way only, across all our presets. Small gains on time saving mouse-clicks, but big wins from assured consistency.

    We follow a specific naming standard for our files - and when we export our standalones files they are named accordingly - however, the window displays the source-file name, which is far from ideal.

    I know we can change the "Window Caption Text" - but that's a per-preset dialog change (and we employ a large number of presets) so not really ideal.

    I can't imagine I'm the first to request this - but might it possible to introduce a "global" level of control, to which ALL presets, on ALL installs, reference, and "pull" settings, so I might assign a global screen-load & watermark, and setting-switch(es, like) "use filename for Window Caption Text"

    Thinking, further-down this line of thinking - enabling Enscape to "pull" other settings, like certain (Revit) properties to drive titles, etc (like those found under Project Information) would be a fantastic addition.

    First off, thanks for all the great content!

    I'm curious - as I will be reworking the .rfa (switching them to workplane based, shared, category swap, renamed, etc) I was wondering - might we be able to repoint the asset library browser at an alternative (on-server) location of (modified) .rfa?